Loen Entertainment has formed Loen Tree, which consists of a number of Loen’s artists. As I understand it, it’s kind of a creative umbrella under which the artists can do collaborations and different projects. The first project is the mini-album Summer Story. One of the songs on the album is Sea of Moonlight (달빛바다) featuring IU and the upcoming group Fiestar.

I really like this song. It has a very positive, summery feeling to it. It also has a nice 80’s vibe. It’s way better than I had expected.


IU & Fiestar ~ Sea of Moonlight

IU & Fiestar ~ Sea of Moonlight

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I have to give it to Loen. They certainly came up with a good plan for launching their new group. Having them team up with IU pretty much guarantees maximum exposure. I’m sure that I’m not alone in checking out this song because I like IU.

IU looks cute as usual and sings like the pro she is. I’ve never cooked lobster like that, but I hope they killed those lobsters before putting them on the grill. They sure had a lot of props for their summer party including f(x)’ pedobear suit. lol @ the “the knights who say ni” helmet.

If I didn’t know that IU was so successful and that Fiestar is the rookie group the ending of the video would’ve seemed kind of sad. IU being left behind like that. But I guess it’s just symbolism for Fiestar taking off to do their own thing without IU’s help. I wouldn’t be surprised if Fiestar’s first music video starts off where this one ends.