The first two episodes of the Korean drama series To the Beautiful You have aired and the fansubs have been released. I decided to give this drama a shot partly because Sulli of f(x) plays the lead character and partly because I liked the sound of the plot. Sulli plays Jae-hee who is a fan of the high-jumper Tae-jun (played by SHINee’s Min-ho). Tae-jun gets injured and Jae-hee disguises herself as a boy to be able to join the all-boys school where Tae-jun goes in order to get close to him and convince him not to give up on high-jumping.

As I suspected, Sulli isn’t very convincing as a boy. But that isn’t important as long as the other characters in the drama are convinced. Kind of like how no-one seems to be able to see that Clark Kent looks very much like Superman or how Bruce Wayne has the exact same jaw as Batman.

The story is pretty much what I expected so far, which is good. The original manga (and drama adaptations) is Japanese and it shines through. The drama has a very Japanese feel to it. There are many “you can do it”-type sports moments. It’s also the first Korean drama I’ve seen that hints to homosexuality (people being attracted to Jae-hee while thinking that she’s a boy).

I was fearing that the acting would be bad, but it’s actually quite decent. Not as over-acted as your average Japanese drama. The least convincing character so far is the school physician. He feels kind of out of place. When I talk about acting I’m of course excluding all foreigners. What is it about Korean dramas and using people off the street instead of real actors to play foreigners? They’re all so bad! Luckily they appear sparingly.

The soccer player Eun-gyeol, played by Lee Hyun-woo, comes off as much more agreeable than Min-ho’s Tae-jun. I feel kind of sorry for Hyun-woo’s character at this point in the drama. If his serious face looks familiar, you might remember him from IU’s You and I music video.

As far as eye-candy goes, there’s Sulli! There’s also the gymnast/model Han-na played by Kim Ji-won. She’s quite attractive. And for the girls: well, it’s an all-boys school consisting of handsome actors and boy-band members :) .

The first episode was enough to convince me to follow this drama and the second sealed the deal :) . Watching it leaves me with a positive feeling.

I usually get the episodes at (no ratio), but this time I got them at (ratio). Good fansubs that are released very quickly (community translated/edited) can be found at I wait until the episode is at least “100% fans translated” before watching.

Update: the subs at darksmurfsub is lagging behind a little, but the uploaders at asiatorrents usually attach English subs from dramafever or viki along with each episode when the sub is released.