I just finished watching episode 4 of To the Beautiful You (or “For You in Full Blossom” (Bloom), which is the official English title — yuck). It’s only been two weeks, but I’m feeling that watching this drama will be a part of my weekend routine the coming few weeks. The community fansubs are made quickly, so I can watch the Wednesday episode with subtitles on Saturday morning and the Thursday episode on Sunday evening. Check my previous post for links to where to get it.

I’m continually impressed with Sulli’s acting. I know that she was a child actress before she became a singer, but she’s really good. Although the last episode was a bit sad, the overall feel of the drama is very positive and humorous. There are some funny but embarrassing moments (mostly involving Eun-gyeol), so if you’re the type to use an “embarrassment pillow” (haha, don’t know if it’s a Swedish thing, but it’s when you hide your face behind a pillow when the embarrassment/awkwardness on screen is too much to bare), you’ll need it a couple of times each episode. I don’t use a pillow. I just put my hands over my mouth and nose, hiding my face while still continuing to watch :lol: .

I’m still feeling sorry for Eun-gyeol. I don’t know what will happen ultimately, but I have a feeling that it won’t be what I’m hoping for.

In the last episode there’s an “American” (English speaking) character. He’s actually tolerable to watch and listen to, unlike the previous foreigners in the drama. You can tell that they shot the scene where Jae-hee reads the English e-mail she received before they recorded the voice-over, because the actor corrects the mistakes in the text that you see on screen. And there are several. I can imagine him seeing the e-mail and going “couldn’t you have let me, or anyone who speaks even a little English, read it before shooting the scene?!”.

I’ve actually contributed to the fansub for this drama (some changes aren’t included yet). Nothing big though. Mostly by pointing out that names are wrong (the translations to English are made from a Chinese translation of the Korean audio, which can lead to mistakes). In episode 3 I spotted an error in the translation though. It seems like the Chinese translation was incorrect to begin with. I was watching the episode and went “huh? that’s not what he said, was it?”. I haven’t studied Korean in a while and my knowledge is very limited, but I got a feeling that the translation was wrong and managed to transcribe and translate what was actually being said. Then I proposed the change to the fansub (I hope they’ll include it). I was feeling very pleased with myself :lol: .

I don’t plan to invest much time in the fansub, but at least I helped out a little.