Earlier today IU wrote her first post on the international fan forum WeHeartIU. She had put the effort into writing a message in English and when so few appeared to have seen the post, she posted about it on Twitter. Then so many of her fans on Twitter went to the forum at once that the server became overloaded. I just thought it was funny :lol: . If you want to do a DDoS attack (wiki) on a fan forum you just have to have the artist tweet about writing a post there :) .

IU’s post
IU’s tweet and follow-up tweet

Her post is so cute, like at the end: “잉글리쉬 이스 쏘~~~~~~~~~~~오오오오 디피컬트 !!!!!!!! 유노???!??” XD (”English is soooo difficult! You know?!” written phonetically in hangeul).