I don’t know if you’ve picked up on it by now, but I’m currently watching the Korean drama adaptation of Hana-Kimi, To the Beautiful You. The theme song for that drama is sung by singer-songwriter J-Min. It’s called Stand Up (일어나). I really like this song. It suits the drama very well.

J-Min ~ Stand Up Live@Inkigayo 20120826

J-Min ~ Stand Up Live@Inkigayo 20120826

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I haven’t heard of J-Min before. She’s an SM Entertainment artist, but it seems like she has mostly been active in Japan prior to this drama.

The sound track for the drama is being released bit by bit. Since SM is producing the drama, it’s all SM artists. There’s one duet with Krystal and Jessica Jung and one with Sunny and Luna, for example. In the latest episode, which aired today, Tae-yeon is singing a really nice ballad. I’m fighting hard to resist watching the episode before I have the fansub. I saw a clip with Tae-yeon’s song and the scene seems really emotional too. Gaaa. It’s too late to watch it tonight, so maybe I can resist another day.