Not long ago a friend of mine told me he had seen a good K-Pop group’s video being played between the matches at a StarCraft tournament. He asked me if I had heard of Orange Caramel, which I had :) . I’ve liked them since I first heard them (I like their cute concept), but I haven’t really been listening to them much. My buddy’s interest prompted me to put their new full-length album Lipstick on my iPhone and I’ve been listening to them quite a bit the past week.


Orange Caramel ~ Lipstick

Orange Caramel ~ Lipstick

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The album is good. It contains all but one b-side of their previously released material (I think). My favourite song is probably Shanghai Romance, but their new title track Lipstick is also catchy. It doesn’t have the J-Pop sound that their previous singles have had. It sounds more, for lack of a better term, international.

I actually held one of their CDs in my hand when I was in Seoul last year, but there were so many things I wanted to buy, so I didn’t buy it then.