I’d like to take this opportunity to recommend DAI’s latest and tenth album Do As Infinity X.

I was listening to it today and the “good song density” is very high. My favourite song right now is Copernicus, but there are many really good songs on this album (Renge, mannequin, etc. etc.). I think long time DAI fans will like this album. It has that classic Do As Infinity feeling.

  1. Yoake wa Chikai
  2. Tokyo Anettai
  3. Work!
  4. Renge
  5. mannequin
  6. Copernicus
  7. Right now
  8. Soudensen
  9. Mata Ashita mo Sukoshi Dake Ganbarou to Omou

Speaking of DAI, Tomiko Van got married last month. The man she married is a younger non-celebrity.

The bonus DVD that comes with the CD+DVD version is a full concert DVD from their latest tour. YesAsia link