Hyun-a is back with another solo track! I had only seen the title and a teaser image before watching the video tonight and, honestly, I was expecting to hate it. Both the song and video is kind of all over the place. We’re thrown from Hyun-a running a clown over with her ice cream truck to cleavage-y Hyun-a all lathered and leathered up to confident Hyun-a riding on back of a male dancer… and it totally works :shock: !


Hyun-a ~ Ice Cream

Hyun-a ~ Ice Cream

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I’m not a fan of Hyun-a videos (her own or collabs) where she’s just “being hot” doing stripper-like moves and boob-squeezing, but… it’s not toned down in this video (at all), but there’s more to it this time. Like a choreography. Although, I wish there was more of it. She’s even doing some aegyo (she can be really cute too). There’s a good balance between singing and rapping, but I wish the rapping were more refined somehow.

Since Hyun-a made an appearance in PSY’s Gangnam Style, PSY makes an appearance in Hyun-a’s video too, but just in the intro. Kind of a “this video is approved by PSY. Internetz, do your thing”.