I’m not digging SNSD’s Japanese singles lately. I liked Mr. Taxi (+ several songs from their first Japanese album) and their ballads, but Paparazzi and the new song Flower Power aren’t doing it for me.

I was cautiously optimistic after seeing the concept photos, but I don’t even like the outfits in the video. I mean, I like Yoon-a’s “normal”/fancy outfit that flashes by a couple of times, but the “stewardess” outfits look really cheap imo (more like “sexy nurse at Halloween”).


Girls' Generation ~ Flower Power

Girls’ Generation ~ Flower Power

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The good points about this video is that Yoon-a and Yu-ri look great. Especially Yoon-a, but she’s getting most time on screen I think.

I saw a comment on youtube about the lyrics, but I don’t know if I should write it here. It’s one of those things that can’t be unheard :lol: .

I hope their Korean comeback will be nothing like this, to he honest.