There’s an album out called She Loves You, which is a tribute album to YUI where other artists cover her songs. I really like this album. My reservation is that some of the covers are perhaps a bit too straight forward. I think that a great cover is an interpretation where the artists adds their unique traits to the song. Many of the covers on this album, while good, sound a lot like the original songs. Maybe the artists who participated are just too similar to YUI. That said, it’s definitely worth a listen. I’ve been listening to and enjoying it a lot this week.

I thought I’d share some thoughts on each track:

1. SCANDAL - How Crazy. A pretty straight forward cover with slightly heavier electric guitars and drums.
2. Negoto - Tomorrow’s Way. I like her voice and the way she half-speaks during the verse. The song is a lot more “filled out” with sound than the original. Lots of drums and even a little “noise”. Maybe I should recommend this song to a friend of mine who listens to “noise music” (not enough of it perhaps). I’m a sucker for all-over-the-place-y drums like the ones in this song.
3. miwa - Good-bye days. I think I’ve seen miwa on youtube a long time ago where she did YUI covers on a street live. It’s a good acoustic cover with just vocals and guitar. This is probably my favourite YUI song of all time.
4. Goose house - LIFE. An acoustic cover with guitar, piano, drums, tambourines and vocals. The start is a bit plain, but I really like it when more people chime in during the chorus. The song intensifies more and more as more people start singing. Gives off a very positive feeling.
5. Shoko Nakagawa - Rolling Star. Pretty similar to the original (an original which I love). A bit intensified guitars and drums.
6. Ayaka Ide - Namidairo. Vocals and piano only. It’s a good cover that suits the song.
7. Kylee - My Generation. This is my least favourite of the original songs. The cover doesn’t really add much either. Very similar to the original.
8. Stereopony - again. Stereopony have added their own touch to this song. Very good.
9. Miku Sawai - I remember you. Another “did they change anything at all?” song. I like the song and the performance is nice. It’s just too similar to the original.
10. Dancing Dolls - HELLO. More electronic than the original, but other than that it’s nothing special in my opinion. Also not one of my favourite songs to being with.
11. Aoi Eir - GLORIA. A bit ramped up version. The vocalist’s voice also gives it a different feeling than when YUI sings it.
12. joy - feel my soul. I like her frail aspirated voice. The songs alternates between a frail/shy sound and confidence.
13. YUI - CHE.R.R.Y ~Bossa Live Version~. This sounds exactly like YUI… because it is :) . It’s a nice acoustic live version.


My favourite covers are 2, 4, 8, 11 and 12. 3 and 6 are also good. And the cover of the CD :lol: . What’s not to love about a bewinged singing hippo balancing on a ball?

I highly recommend this album. The average rating I’ve given these songs is very high. Though, I’m unsure how much of that is because of how much I like YUI’s original songs and how much is because of the actual covers. Either way it exceeded my expectations.