So I saw the final Twilight film today (my not-so-secret shame). I liked it. It has a more positive feeling than I expected. There are many parts that are different from the book. Mostly to condense the story and not overly explain things that don’t really need explaining. I’m not sure how easy it is to follow if you haven’t read the book though. I liked Bella’s run in the woods in the beginning of the film, where you get a sense of her heightened senses. There were a few kind of lame scenes, but those are lame in the book too, so there wasn’t much they could do about it.

Part 2 was better than part 1 in my opinion. But that’s how the book was as well. The first half of the book was very awkward. I actually went to see part 1 with a buddy of mine. He’s pretty open minded, but after the movie he was like “ooookaaay….. er… so… ehm.. what did you think?”. I think part 2 is much easier to watch if you’re not familiar with the story.

The stand-off on the battlefield was a bit lamer than I had imagined to be honest. Not sure exactly what it was, but something was just off about it. Another thing that, although it was portrayed pretty well, could have gotten a bit more attention was the notion that they knew/thought that they all were going to die. They also kind of skim over how hard it normally would be for a newborn to resist human blood, but a lot happens and there are many characters that have to get at least some minimal introduction, so I get why they didn’t dwell on it.

An evolution throughout the saga that’s kind of funny is how in the first film it’s “a vampire is very hard to kill, but it can be done” and by the last one it’s “off with their heads!” :lol: . They really perfected vampire slaying in the last couple of years of their immortal lives.

Anyway, I enjoyed the movie and it put me in a good mood. I watched New Moon and this one on the premiere and the ambiance is much better then, compared to going later like I did for part 1.

If you didn’t like the other movies, you won’t like this one either. If you did like the previous movies, this is one of the better ones.