Crayon Pop’s Dancing Queen was used as background music in the fan edited Tae-yeon video clip that I posted last week. I really liked it, so I had to look them up. They’re a rookie group that debuted this summer and they have released three songs so far. I’ve been listening to their songs all week. Very catchy and energetic.

I wasn’t able to find a music video for Dancing Queen (I don’t think there is one), so I picked a performance from Music Bank.

Crayon Pop ~ Dancing Queen Live@Music Bank 20121026

Crayon Pop ~ Dancing Queen Live@Music Bank 20121026

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Their choreography is a bit unorthodox :lol: , but I dig their style :) . They used the same outfits in a guerilla concert that they held when they were rejected by the major music shows.


Fan-subbed behind the scenes of the guerilla concert:


The main vocalist Cho-a (dark hair) looks very familiar to me. I don’t know if I’ve seen her before or if it’s just seeing her twin Way (blonde) that gives me that déjà vu feeling.

To be continued…