I’m still enjoying Crayon Pop’s sweet energetic songs. I get the feeling that their songs are mixed a bit differently than other groups I’m listening to. Crayon Pop sound more bass-y in my headphones. I played them at a party last weekend and a buddy of mine seemed to like them too :) .


Crayon Pop ~ Saturday Night

Crayon Pop ~ Saturday Night

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Saturday Night was Crayon Pop’s second song. The video is silent in the beginning, so don’t crank up your volume. The song doesn’t start until they get out of the van.

The version used in the video (excluding the intro) is the Dubstep mix, which was included on their first mini-album. Have I already ranted about K-Pop “remixes”? It seems like the current standard for a “remix” is to make a carbon copy of the original song, except for one short break where something remixy is added. They should all be called the “99% like the original mix” :P . Rant over :) . That said, I like Saturday Night. Remix or not (they sound the same anyway ;) ).