Let’s all enjoy some calm Christmas music as Crayon Pop reminisce about their trip to Japan. Hmmm… it’s kind of hard to make a pun when you haven’t started watching the video yet :P . It’s Crayon Pop’s first song Bing Bing. Another really good song. The only thing I dislike is the English part.


Crayon Pop ~ Bing Bing

Crayon Pop ~ Bing Bing

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They have a little Big time sensuality (Björk) thing going there with the dancing and singing on the back of a truck :) .

I’ve decided that my favourite members are (as usual, the main vocalists) So-yul (so cute) and Cho-a (the singing twin). I like Way (the rapping twin) too, when there’s more rapping in the song, like in Saturday Night.

Merry X-mas! :D