What better way than to start the new year with a comeback by SNSD? :D Their new album is now available digitally at online stores. I bought it off of iTunes and was listening to it on the train ride home from the New Year’s party.

At the same time, the music video for I Got a Boy was released. I kind of spoiled my initial spazzing by bugging my friend to play it at his house. Couldn’t really gush at that time.

The song is kind of fragmented. I enjoy twists and turns in songs, but this one is kinda like “I have no idea where the heck I’m going, let’s turn left!”. There’s a lot of different, contrasting parts competing for attention. Not very homogeneous or harmonious.


Girls' Generation ~ I Got a Boy

Girls’ Generation ~ I Got a Boy

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Tae-yeon looks so awesome in this video (as opposed to… never :) ). Yoon-a also looks great with her camo jacket. The drama parts of the video feel a bit out of place and doesn’t really match the overall mood of the rest of the song.

The part of the choreography that I like is Tae-yeon’s dance in the beginning and Yoon-a’s dance when the electronic sounds start. Well, everyone does the dance, but Yoon-a does it best. The things I’d cut are the butt wagging and hip rolling, which I find pretty unbecoming of SNSD. And no Yu-ri, aviator sunglasses don’t look good on anyone except pilots :P .

The whole album is a mix of different style of songs. The only erratic one except I Got a Boy is Express 999. I really like Baby Maybe, which has a bit of a popified Pachelbel sound to it and, as you know, Dancing Queen. Promise sounds like an older BoA ballad. I think they dropped the ball a little on Look At Me. It sounds like it had the potential of being pretty bad-ass, but didn’t get there (lame chorus, among other things). 낭만길 is pretty cute. The whole album is very bass heavy. At least it sounds that way in my earphones. I’m way more excited for this album compared to their Japanese album, which I found boring. Talk Talk on this album is the Korean version of Boomerang from the Japanese album.

These pictures come with the “iTunes LP”, which I guess is a new thing where you get like an interactive album booklet when you purchase the whole album. Tae-yeon looks amajing!

  • I Got a Boy LP Tae-yeon
  • I Got a Boy LP Yoon-a
  • I Got a Boy LP Yu-ri
  • I Got a Boy LP Jessica
  • I Got a Boy LP Tiffany
  • I Got a Boy LP Seo-hyun
  • I Got a Boy LP Soo-young
  • I Got a Boy LP Hyo-yeon
  • I Got a Boy LP Sunny

Haha, and I played Anipang when I came home and there I was greeted by a message from Tae-yeon where she gives everyone an extra heart (that are used in the game) and asks for love for SNSD’s comeback. Very cute! :3