Since YUI announced her indefinite hiatus from her activities as “YUI”, there have been many rumours flying around about what she’s doing next. There were some news about her performing at very small venues under the name Flower Flower and that she didn’t perform any YUI songs, only new/unreleased material.

There has been no official word and the whole thing seems to have leaked out earlier than intended. It’s hard for a big artist like YUI to perform at small venues if all her fans find out.

From the bits and pieces I’ve heard, she wasn’t given the artistic freedom that she wanted as YUI and started performing under a different name. There may have been some problems with her record company due to this, but either way she has now put “YUI” aside and will continue pursuing her music career under a new name. Supposedly she’s still under Sony, but the official word was supposed to be released by the end of the year (not now).

I also saw a recent picture of her with short blonde hair, but it was removed because it wasn’t supposed to have leaked, I guess.

I’m curious about what her new music sounds like. Less main stream for sure, seeing how she felt (according to the rumours) that she wasn’t allowed to do her songs the way she would have liked to.


Above is a longer version of the “YUI’s message to her fans” video that I posted a while back. It still doesn’t tell the whole story though, and we’ll have to wait a while longer for any kind of official announcement. It’s encouraging to hear that she’s moving on to something she appears to be enjoying.