Tonight I went to the Korean embassy here in Sweden for a movie night. We saw War of the Arrows, which is about the Manchu invasion in Korea and a skilled archer who is caught in the middle of it all when his village is attacked and his sister (along with the other surviving villagers) taken by the invaders.

It was decent. Not all that much happening actually apart from the violence, fleeing and chasing. Kind of like a period action movie.

It was fun watching it at the embassy though. A friend of mine told me about the event and I got an invitation. The embassy is located in a nice neighbourhood with nice houses — all embassies I think. The Korean embassy is the one with KIAs with diplomatic plates in front of it :) . It looks nothing like the US embassy further down the road, that looks like a prison with a huge barbed wire fence around it.


We got wine or soda and popcorn for the movie. On the way out I picked up a brochure about the Korean wave. There were many different brochures about K-drama and other things, but I picked this one. It’s actually more like a book at 100 pages. It’s about how Korean pop culture has spread via K-Pop, K-dramas, movies, etc. It has a section about SMTown in Paris :) . It even has quotes from Swedish fans (I had to think if it could have been me, but I don’t think so). It’s very concise and well written and it has a lot of pictures. Even if you just skim through it, you get a good idea about the Korean wave, why people generally like K-dramas, and so on. I think I might bring it to the office and put it in the break room. It’ll give my co-workers a better idea what K-Pop is compared to that program on Swedish TV (Kobra), which I think gave the wrong idea to people who have never heard about K-Pop before.

On my way home the train stopped in the wrong town. Luckily it was the town where my sister lives and she could give me a ride home.

This weekend I’m picking up my Korean studies again. I’ve been rehearsing some of the stuff I learned the last time around during my lunch breaks this week (we’ll be using the same book). I seem to remember most of it and I noticed that I can read hangeul way faster now. There is some vocabulary that I haven’t really used that I need to remind myself of again. It’ll be fun.