At my last Korean class we made kimbap (김밥) as an activity to change things up a little. It was way easier that I had thought, since you can pretty much throw anything you want in as filling. Today, while I was at the grocery store, I got the idea of making it at home for dinner (and tomorrow’s lunch) and bought some ingredients.

Just for fun, I took a couple of pictures while cooking. This isn’t really a tutorial. I just felt like posting it :) . Here are the ingredients (you only need a little):


You need (sushi/porridge) rice (쌀), dried seaweed (김), carrots (당근), cucumber (오이), eggs (계란) if you want an omelette filling, sausage (소세지) or meat (고기) of some kind and I also got some spinach (시금치) and bean sprouts (콩나물) (which always makes me think of IU :) ). I didn’t use the tuna, since I had so much filling anyway. You also need (not depicted) sesame oil (참기름), salt (소금) and some milk (우유) (for the omelette). The gochujang (고추장) and garlic (마늘) is for the chogochujang sauce and for that you also need honey (or sugar) and rice vinegar.

It doesn’t take all that long to make everything, since while the rice was cooking, I could make the omelette and cut up all the vegetables. After the omelette was done I fried the spicy sausages (매운 소세지).

The rice is made (if I understood correctly) just like sushi rice, except you don’t use vinegar and stuff for flavouring. Instead you use sesame oil and salt.

While the rice was cooling, I made some chogochujang (초고추장). I don’t know if you’re really supposed to have it with kimbap, but I like it with just about anything, so why not?

This is a recipe that I found once while googling (now I don’t have to worry about losing the envelope I wrote it down on):

5 tbsp of gochujang (the Korean stuff. I once got some Chinese gochujang from a local store and it was terrible)
1 tbsp honey (or sugar)
3 tbsp rice vinegar
2 teaspoons minced garlic (about two small cloves, or a big one)
1 teaspoon sesame oil

I usually make half of that (fits in a small jar I have), but this time I made the whole batch.



When the rice has cooled you put the rice and filling (that’s way too much filling in the picture, by the way. I had a lot left over after making four rolls) on the seaweed just like a California roll and roll it up with a bamboo roller-thingy mat. Two tricks I picked up from my Korean teacher: you can smear some rice on the outermost part of the seaweed and it will act as a glue holding the roll together. When the roll is made you smear a little sesame oil on it and then all you have to do is cut it up.

It was tasty! I’ll have it for lunch tomorrow as well (plus two rolls in the fridge :lol: ). The omelette filling felt like a bit overkill in retrospect, since the sausage had a much stronger taste.


I was planning on watching Lord of the Rings tonight, but after making this for dinner I had to go for a K-drama :) (The king 2 hearts, which I recently started watching).

Happy cooking! :lol: