I’ve placed a bunch of orders from various places recently and now they’re starting to arrive :) . Today I got a package from Korea. It consisted of IU’s 2013 calendar, an IU button set and the Tae-yeon version of I Got a Boy. My two favourites. And enough bubble wrap to last a lifetime.


I know I’m super late in getting the I Got a Boy album. I blame YesAsia. I was set to order the Tae-yeon version from day one, but they decided to only sell the album with the version picked randomly. I had already bought the album on iTunes anyway. I wanted Tae-yeon!! :lol:

I hadn’t ordered anything in a while, so I had a lot of things I wanted, but instead I ordered nothing. I finally ordered the album from a Korean seller on eBay. I was going to get another Tae-yeon button too, but it was sold out. This version of the album comes with a little Tae-yeon photobook.


IU’s calendar looks adorable. It’s a desk calendar that has four pages for each month :shock: . It also comes with a making-of DVD (I think, I haven’t watched it yet) and what I thought would be photo cards, but it turns out to be a two-sided poster with photos from the calendar on it.

I also got some IU buttons. The problem now is: which one do I choose to put on my bag. I can’t very well use them all at once, or I’ll look insane(r).