Last night I started watching the Korean drama series You’re the best, Lee Soon-shin (최고다 이순신). The main character is played by IU, which I admit is the reason I checked this drama out. She’s very adorable as Soon-shin, but the drama seems to be very good as well.

I’ve only watched two episodes, but the impression I’ve gotten so far is that the drama is about being brave when handling adversity, even though no one else believes in you and that “when a door closes, a window opens”.

Soon-shin (named after a historic Korean figure) is the youngest of three sisters. Her other two sisters are (seem) successful and her parents are very proud of them. Soon-shin is unemployed and no one believes in her. After being fired from a part time job she gets scouted on the street by a man who wants her to become an actress. Could it be for real? No one believes that anyone could see anything in her.

The other main characters, apart from Soon-shin’s family is the president of an entertainment company (I recognize this actor from The King 2 Hearts) and two actresses, one of which seems to have a connection to Soon-shin’s father. A bunch of subplots.

After struggling with The King 2 Hearts, this drama seems very good. I started watching The King 2 Hearts because Ha Ji-won is in it and that Tae-yeon has a song on the soundtrack, but the story is a complete mess in the first five episodes that I’ve watched and the main character is a complete douchebag (”but maybe the girl will fall in love with him and change him” bla bla). I keep waiting for The King 2 Hearts to become better, but I don’t have too high hopes.

You’re the best, Lee Soon-shin, on the other hand, is good from the first episode. The only problem is that it’s airing right now, so once I’ve caught up, I’ll have to wait for each new episode and fansub.

I predict that IU’s character will face much adversity and have her hopes slammed down on several occasions, but still won’t give up. Being adorable all the way :) .

Official site: Korean, English (the English one is down right now, though).