I started watching another Korean drama series the other day. It’s called Gu Family Book (구가의 서). The reason I checked it out is because Suzy (Miss A, Dream High) plays one of the main parts, which the teaser suggests is a pretty bad-ass martial artist. The main character is played by Lee Seung-ki (The King 2 Hearts), but I haven’t gotten that far yet.

Gu Family Book is a period/fantasy drama. I generally have a hard time taking these seriously, since they look so… for lack of a better word, fake. Everyone is wearing pristine colourful clothes and all have perfect hair-dos. And the accents/way of speaking ruins the emotions at times (like the North Korean accents in King 2 Hearts). But, I’m giving this drama a go anyway.

I’ve only seen two episodes so far. At first I thought that things escalate a bit quickly, but it turns out that the first two episodes just provide the back story for the rest of the drama. It starts out with a noble girl, Seo-hwa, whose father has been branded a traitor, being sent off to be a state gisaeng/slave. One thing leads to another and she finds herself on the run from her captors. In the woods she runs into a man, who unbeknownst to her is a mythical creature (gumiho). He falls in love with her in a split second and decides to try to become human. But the people chasing Seo-hwa aren’t giving up the search… Let’s just say that Seung-ki’s character, Kang-chi, is a descendant to one or more of these characters :) .

The drama has been decent so far. Some awkward/forced scenes, like at the end of episode 2 where a character appears out of nowhere to explain what just happened to complete strangers. “You don’t know me, and I don’t really have any business being here, but take my word for what I’m about to say” :lol: .

I’m looking forward to seeing what Suzy’s character is like. That’s what I think could keep me coming back to this drama. It’s supposed to be a melodrama, but the story seems a bit cheesy and isn’t all that engaging, to be honest. At least, not so far.


I recognized the actress who plays Seo-hwa, Lee Yeon-hee, right away. Last weekend I watched the movie Hello Schoolgirl (순정만화), where she plays one of the main characters. That movie was quite good. It’s based on an online comic and is a mellow romantic story about a man who has recently moved into an apartment building. He befriends the daughter of one of his neighbours and feelings develop. At the same time a younger man, who is doing his military service as a civil servant at the same office as the main character, tries to win the affection of an older woman who is walking around the neighbourhood taking pictures. I really liked Yeon-hee in this movie. She’s very pretty.

It was kind of funny because I thought that the photo-lady looked a bit like Yoon-a in Girls’ Generation at first glance (similar hair and overall look when you saw her from afar). Then the character who Lee Yeon-hee plays, who is named Soo-young, has a friend who looks a lot like Choi Soo-young from Girls’ Generation. Because it is her :) . Apparently Yeon-hee, who is also under SM Entertainment, was in the pool of trainees that was being considered when forming Girls’ Generation.

I had been meaning to see that movie for a long time, so it was nice timing that I watched it right before Gu Family Book.