Nearly two weeks ago I attended UFC Sweden for the second time (UFC on Fuel TV 9). It was fun. Some great fights, even though the main event had been changed since Alexander Gustafsson wasn’t allowed to fight due to a cut (split eyebrow, I think). I was really impressed with the Irish fighter Conor McGregor. Many Swedish fighters performed well too. Tor Troeng owned fellow TUF contender Adam Cella.


The audience was really supportive of the Swedish fighters. Except one. Chris Spång, who looked extremely nervous and tentative. People were cheering when he walked in with the Swedish flag and when the fight started, but after a couple minutes without action the cheers died down. A guy behind me shouted out his frustration “Men slååå-råååå!!” (”Punch FFS!!”).

The Brit Brad Picket, who fought at last year’s event too, faced Mike Easton. During that fight some guys had snuck down from their cheaper seats to some empty seats near where I was sitting. One of them was a self-proclaimed expert. I’m glad they only stayed for that one fight or I would have gone mad. He was so annoying. “Why does he keep missing? Why doesn’t he just walk straight forward and punch? Why is he just lying on top of him and not punching all the time? Yeah, NOW he’s punching him, but why doesn’t he just continue doing that? He would win straight away.” I could almost hear his buddy’s mental face-palm. The expert concluded “This was the worst fight tonight”. Brad Picket and Mike Easton earned Fight of the Night :) .

Another thing that annoyed me was how many were looking for their seat at the wrong side of the arena. It says on your ticket what entrance to use, FFS :P .

The main event was a real underdog fight when Alexander’s training partner Ilir Latifi (8-3-0) had to step in, making his UFC debut on short notice against former Strikeforce champion Gegard Mousasi (34-3-2).

Overall it was a good night. Too bad none of my buddies joined. The atmosphere was almost as good as last year and I hear that the UFC is planning on returning to Sweden within 12-18 months.

While I’m on the subject, I’ve found a couple of female fighters to look out for. One is Rose Namajunas. I saw this video that Ronda Rousey shared where Rose wins with a 12 second flying armbar! Very impressive.


Another female fighter I like is Joanne Calderwood from Scotland. She’s from a muay thai background and I was really impressed with her performance at Invicta 4. Very nice technique. Then I saw an interview with her and she’s just so adorable :) . Now I like her even more.


They’re both strawweight fighters so I guess they won’t appear in the UFC for some time (until the UFC has expanded the women’s division). They’re both fighting in Invicta FC, though.