I was a bit sceptical about the drama series Gu Family Book judging by its first couple of episodes, which consisted of the back story for the main plot. However, I stuck with it to see when Suzy’s character would appear and after a few episodes the drama has really taken off. The main characters (Kang-chi, Yeo-wool and Chung-jo) are much more relatable.

Besides Suzy (the reason for my watching the drama in the first place), another beauty is Lee Yoo-bi, who plays Chung-jo (Kang-chi’s love interest and the daughter of the man who took Kang-chi in as a baby). She has a very “gentle” look, that I like. I haven’t seen her in any other dramas, but apparently she appeared in Vampire Idol and Nice Guy. She kind of reminds me of someone I know.

gfb_kangchi.jpg gfb_chungjo.jpg

The drama is scheduled for 24 episodes and I think I’ll follow it to the end now (I’m at episode 8 ).

Another long drama I’m watching is You’re the Best Lee Soon-shin. It’s scheduled for 50 episodes! I’m still very much enjoying it and the more episodes the better when it comes to watching IU :) . I feel like both Suzy and IU have evolved since their roles in Dream High. Especially IU.

It’s kind of funny that the actual historical figure Lee Soon-shin, that IU’s character is named after, appears in Gu Family Book :) .

At the end of each episode of Gu Family Book, just like any other drama, there’s the obligatory list of sponsors. The last one that shows up has a very unfortunate logo, though. It’s supposed to be a stylized version of “pooq” (푹), but I misread it every time :lol: .