Crayon Pop is still one of my favourite groups. They’ve just finished recording their comeback album which will be released in June, if I’m not mistaken. Teaser images have suggested a different, non-tracksuit, concept. Perhaps a bit sexier. We’ll see. That makes me think of a clip I saw of Crayon Pop where someone mentioned a sexy concept and how they wouldn’t be able to pull it off and Cho-a said: “I would” :lol: . I hope they keep their cute and sassy style, though.

They’ve also announced that they’ll be adding a sixth member for their Japanese promotions. Her name is Arisa.


So, to the main reason for this post. I’ve been waiting for Crayon Pop to release their song “1,2,3,4″ that they’ve been performing since last year, but it hasn’t been released as far as I know. I’ve heard the song in English and Japanese. Not in Korean so far. The Japanese version sounds a bit cutesier than the English version, but both are very good.

Here’s the Japanese version. The audio is extracted from the video they posted on their youtube channel (which you should check out). I didn’t transcode it to mp3, but most mp3 players can handle aac. Works with iTunes/iPod.

As usual, you should check out their music videos/performances to see choreography that goes with the song.

Japanese version MV (audio source):

Japanese version (fan cam, where you can actually see the choreo):

English version (fan cam):

Hopefully the new album will be a full length album including all their old songs as well. Instabuy for me.

While on the subject of Crayon Pop, they posted some cute pictures on twitter last week from when they visited and performed for soldiers in the army. Cho-a’s picture in camo became my phone wallpaper :) .


  • Camo Cho-a
  • Camo Cho-a, Way & Ellin
  • Camo Ellin & Way
  • Camo Way, Ellin & Cho-a
  • Tracksuit Cho-a
  • Tracksuit So-yul & Gummi
  • Tracksuit Way
  • Tracksuit Way & Cho-a

They’re quite active on twitter (mostly on weekends). They have their own individual accounts, but mostly post via the @crayonpop account. I’ve even gotten a reply from Cho-a (my favourite) :) . They have facebook pages too, but it feels like someone else administers those, since pictures they’ve posted on twitter usually take a while before they end up on facebook.