Earlier today Crayon Pop released the dance version music video for their new single 빠빠빠 (Bar Bar Bar). They’ve previously released a story version, where they play a bad ass girl gang, and a dance practice video.

The choreography is, as usual, very unique and funny. They also execute it very well with all the synchronized moves. The song is a bit simpler than their previous songs, but it’s still very catchy.

Dance ver:

Story ver:

Dance practice (best view of the choreography):

I can’t understand why Crayon Pop aren’t more popular! They’re still struggling to get air time on the big shows. Do they stand out too much? Or is it just that they’re from a smaller label and that not enough people know about them? Their twitter account still only has about 9000 followers, despite being fairly active. Their youtube channel has about 15k subscribers and they have live chats with fans and their Crayon Pop TV show. Not subtitled, though, but still.

I think they’re awesome. Their songs, choreography and performances feel so fresh and energetic and are real mood brighteners.

You should check out their youtube channel and, if you like the song, it’s available on iTunes. Search for 크레용팝.