These past few weeks I’ve been watching Running Man a lot (which should be no surprise to people who know me on Instagram :lol: ). It’s a Korean ”urban action” variety show consisting of a main cast (including singers and actors) and different celebrity guests. I don’t remember why I decided to check it out, but I started by downloading some episodes where people I like were guests. But then I thought the main cast, and the concept as a whole, was so funny that I started to watch more and more episodes.

It’s basically a race where the cast and guests are divided into teams that have to do different challenges/games, often at some famous location (mostly in Korea, but also in other countries). Each episode is different, but usually ends up with a battle where each member has a big name tag attached to their back and if their name tag is ripped off, they’re out.

The main cast all have different nicknames and alliances that can be hard to understand at first, but are very funny once you get into the show. Some members, like Kwang-soo, have their own theme songs. In Kwang-soo’s case, it plays whenever he fails at something :lol: . Each episode is quite long (about 90 minutes), but it’s very easy to watch (if subtitled).

Yesterday I heard a song I was curious about in episode 111. I really liked the sound of it. I was going to post a video on Instagram asking for help identifying the song, but by the time the app had stopped crashing I had already found the song on Google. It’s called 챠우챠우 (chow chow) by Deli Spice. The lyrics are very easy too, for people learning Korean. One word that’s repeated a lot is 목소리. It’s a kind of word that I think makes Korean so cute :lol: . 목소리, voice, literally means throat sound. Just like 눈물, tears, which literally means eye water.

Here’s the video I posted on Instagram (Instagram videos don’t work in Chrome, though).

And the whole song on YouTube: