I haven’t been gaming much for a long while, but I got Bioshock Infinite back in the spring and I recently finished The Last of Us. Both for the PlayStation 3.


While I really enjoyed the tripped out story in Bioshock – especially the tearing of rifts between dimensions, causing them to bleed into each other – I found the actual ”shooter” game-play kind of mediocre, coupled with the never-ending search for items in every single barrel, trash can – you name it. It’s good, but I haven’t finished it.

I’m sure you’ve heard of The Last of Us. I really enjoyed the story, voice acting, environments, music score, refined controls and game-play, nice graphics – the list goes on. Just the opening sequence was worth the price of the game, in my opinion.

I really cared about the characters, Joel and Ellie, and the lack of supplies made it a bit scary at times when you have to sneak by the ”infected” knowing that you don’t have enough bullets to kill them if they spot you. The characters in Bioshock are well made too, but not even close to The Last of Us.

The Last of Us is pretty linear, but as soon as I found myself feeling things were getting repetitive, you’re fast-forwarded to the next significant turn of events in the story, which usually also involves a complete change of scenery.

If you’re getting one, get The Last of Us.