I got myself a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 a while back. It was kind of an impulse buy. I’ve been wanting a tablet for quite some time, but I haven’t been able to justify it. I was seduced by the stylus. I thought it could be fun to doodle a little on the tablet between surfing the web and browsing youtube.

I liked it more than I expected. The ability to draw digitally really rekindled something inside me. I used to draw all the time when I was in school, but then I just stopped and haven’t drawn for a very long while.

I bought Sketchbook Pro (Galaxy Note edition), which is dirt cheap. Initially I thought I’d do pencil sketches and maybe outline and colour them, like cartoons. Then I saw these videos by French artist samkat, which really inspired me:



I was intrigued by how he used a few initial colours and then mixed them by picking the colours from the areas where the colours bleed into one another. I’ve only used water colours and that was ages ago. I’m really enjoying this digital painting with colours. I’m not good at it, but it’s fun.

Having this tablet kind of makes me regret not buying a Wacom board for my PC back when I was drawing a lot, but I was a student and couldn’t afford it.

This is also my first Android device. I’ve only had iPhones (from the company I work for). So far, I really like Android. You can copy any file you want to it. It plays most videos, even Hi10 animes (via a third party app) and multitasking and the way one app can trigger another app and then lets you return to where you were in the first app is much better.

The drawbacks are that the stock predictive text feature is a bit annoying and that there aren’t as many apps as for iOS. I also find it curious that there are so few demo versions of apps for Android. Apparently there’s a money back thing you can use, but by principle I don’t go for ”it’s free to try, but we need your credit card information so that we can charge you if you forget to ask for a refund/cancel your subscription/whatever”. Also, hardwarewise, the camera doesn’t seem as good as the one on my iPhone, but that’s not what I use it for anyway.