October 2013


Things are happening in K-Pop Sweden. In a few weeks we’ll have Scandinavia’s first K-Pop concert when VIXX come here to perform and yesterday Simon and Martina (Eat Your Kimchi) were here for a fanmeet. Needless to say, I went there.

The fanmeet was held at a school in Stockholm near where I have my Korean classes. The whole thing was pretty well coordinated with tons of information on Facebook leading up to the event. A lot of people came. About 700!

I went there with a friend of mine who also likes EYK, but I saw several people I know from the Korean school and my teacher was there as well. After passing through a very elaborate queueing system we came into the room for the fanmeet. … Continue reading


I had Eat You Kimchi’s Music Monday playlist playing in the background while working today, and I agree with Martina about the group GI and their latest song Booshit (뻥치지마) (Feat. Dok2). I like it. I was a bit deterred by the “24K cash & money” stuff at the beginning, but once I got past that part it quickly grew on me. It’s the kind of song I’d like to play while driving, but it also works well for work as it turns out (headphones).


GI (지아이/Global Icon) debuted back in April with the song Beatles, which I also like after checking it out today. They’re kind of a hip hop-ish k-pop group. I’m going to continue checking them out.


Speaking of Eat Your Kimchi, Simon and Martina are coming to Sweden this weekend (yes, I’m going!).