Things are happening in K-Pop Sweden. In a few weeks we’ll have Scandinavia’s first K-Pop concert when VIXX come here to perform and yesterday Simon and Martina (Eat Your Kimchi) were here for a fanmeet. Needless to say, I went there.

The fanmeet was held at a school in Stockholm near where I have my Korean classes. The whole thing was pretty well coordinated with tons of information on Facebook leading up to the event. A lot of people came. About 700!

I went there with a friend of mine who also likes EYK, but I saw several people I know from the Korean school and my teacher was there as well. After passing through a very elaborate queueing system we came into the room for the fanmeet. Me and my friend were about in the middle of the queue, but when we got in most people had taken a seat in the middle of the room (it was not numbered, just divided into two sections), so a staff member told us that we could sit all the way up front if we sat at the side, so we got very good seats.


The fanmeet was great! Much better than I had expected. The two hours flew by in an instant. Both Simon and Martina were so natural on stage and they were really funny and witty. They took questions from a twitter feed and from the audience as well. There wasn’t a need for an MC at all. I’m very happy I went, because I was smiling the whole time. It was great. But one thing is for sure: I’ll never be as excited about anything in my life as the girl sitting behind me was about meeting Simon and Martina :lol: .

Today Simon and Martina are recording a WANK and a FAP FAP in Stockholm before leaving for Poland and the Netherlands. It’ll be fun to see what they did.


Both Simon and Martina seemed very touched that so many came. I’ve been thinking about that before: that it must be so surreal for them to have hundreds of people on the other side of the world wanting to see them.

I originally planned on getting a T-shirt or something after the fanmeet, but after taking a quick look at the amount of people in that area, we decided to go out through one of the side exits instead. We had some very delicious galettes, which were extra delicious because neither one of us had had anything to eat. We went to a café before the fanmeet for a coffee and something to eat: ”What sandwiches do you have today?” – ”We’re out of sandwiches”.

Another thing I was thinking about was how the need to write about something on the blog disappears when I do something together with a friend. It’s like I’ve already said everything I had to say. When I go alone I have all these pent up comments that I didn’t get to say. Then writing about it is kind of an outlet (or ”utfart” as Martina would say ;) – inside joke).

Like one week ago the South Korean navy visited Stockholm and I went there with a friend and my Korean class to watch music performances, taekwondo performances (man that guy could jump high) and to take a tour of their ships that were docked in Stockholm. It felt like sharing it with my friend and classmates was enough. Oh, that day a girl popped into our class. I recognized her from the Korean level test we did last spring. Turns out she’s a trainee at TS Entertainment in Korea now (same agency as Secret and B.A.P). A trainee to be an artist, that is. That’s pretty cool!

OK, that’s it for now. I didn’t put much effort into taking pictures. You wouldn’t be able to feel the great atmosphere from a photo anyway ;) .