Last Saturday I attended Korean boy band Vixx’ showcase in Sweden. It was the first K-pop concert in Scandinavia! There was a strict “no photography” policy, so I didn’t take any photos. Sorry.

When I got the ticket I felt a bit guilty, since I hadn’t followed Vixx before and fan-girls were desperately trying to get a hold of tickets after they sold out.

The concert was held at a pretty small venue, Oscarsteatern. I’ve been there before for musicals. Even though the seats were numbered a queue formed outside the theatre before they opened the doors. It was pretty funny how many passers-by stopped and asked what we were queueing for, because there was no sign for this event and they couldn’t believe that we (mostly girls) were queueing for the show that was playing there other days.

Standing in line I was kind of regretting having a fairly large soda before going to the venue. I headed for the toilet as soon as I had entered, expecting a huge line. It had completely slipped my mind that there were separate men’s and women’s bathrooms and the men were in vast minority this evening :lol: . My queueing was over for this night :) .

Going by the overview on the booking page I had gotten a relatively bad seat, but since the venue was so small (900-something seats divided between three floors) pretty much all the seats were good. I had a great view and was closer to the stage than I had expected.

I enjoyed the showcase. Both the performances and the atmosphere. I’m glad I brought my concert earplugs, though, considering the volume of the fan-girls’ screaming and the music trying to be heard over the screams.

Vixx performed their hit songs, did solo numbers and took some questions from the fans. They also had a special gift for an audience member whose seat number they drew. The girl in that seat was later brought out on the stage where two of the Vixx members competed for her affection. Luckily they didn’t draw my number or it would’ve been veeeery awkward :lol: .

I hope that this was just a taste of what’s to come and that more Korean artists will hold concerts here.