It’s hard to keep up with all the K-Pop groups that come and go. AOA is one of those groups that have passed me by, more or less. I’ve seen a couple of their previous music videos when they’ve been mentioned in K-Pop news, but it’s nothing that has stuck.

A while back I decided to check out their latest album (at the time). I can’t recall why I decided to do that. Perhaps I saw Choa on a TV show or something. Anyhow, the only song that stood out to me was 휠릴리. I’ve had it in the playlist I listen to when driving my car.


Now AOA have made a comeback with a new lacrosse concept. Their new song 심쿵해 (heart attack) is very catchy. It has a pretty typical Brave Sound beat, but I’ve had it stuck in my head for days. I like the music video too. It’s playful and colourful. I don’t know anything about make-up, but I think they nailed Choa’s make-up in this video.

This is the time when the “summer songs” are released and I guess this song is up against mainly Sistar’s Shake It. I like Sistar a lot, but I must say I prefer 심쿵해.