I’ve been thinking about whether or not to write anything about the reasons why I haven’t been updating the blog for a long while, but I think I’ll just leave it at: I had to prioritize what I wanted to focus on and I had to give up many of my hobbies. This blog being one of them. Now things have calmed down a bit, so I can give you a quick recap of things I’ve done the past year and a half.

One of the few things I kept doing was studying Korean. Not at a high pace or anything. It’s just a weekend class. I’m learning slowly but steadily and I really like my classmates. They’re very cool and friendly.

Last year I went to see 4Minute when they had a showcase here in Sweden. It was a super hot day and the air conditioning in the venue had broken down, so everyone was sweating buckets. It was a bit embarrassing to be soaked in sweat when I met 4Minute after the concert. It was kind of like a fan meet. The concert was great. If you follow 4Minute on social media (instagram), the members posted a lot of pictures from Stockholm around the time of the concert.

During the winter I went back to the same venue to see One OK Rock. The tickets were very cheap compared to the 4Minute concert. The concert was good, but there were two opening acts, which I think is too much. The actual concert was a bit short as a result. But it was fun.

I also went to the second Eat Your Kimchi fan meet in Stockholm. I took some photos, but I’m too lazy to put them up. It was fun. I was in a pretty crappy mood at the time, but it cheered me up.

Around the same time I attended a UFC event in Stockholm. At the open workout I got to meet my favourite female fighter Joanne Calderwood and took a picture together. Then I went to see the UFC again when they returned earlier this year. That time it was at a bigger arena. The arena was nice, but it was a bit too big and even the expensive seats were pretty far away from the cage.

Back around Easter I finally went back to Korea again. I only visited places around Seoul, but it was a really nice experience. I pretty much just booked a flight without planning to much. I met a lot of cool people there and I felt very good about all the compliments I got for my Korean. Sometimes I get discouraged at school when I don’t understand something, but when I was in Korea I just relaxed and thought that whatever I understand is fine. No one expects me to know Korean anyway. And then it became much easier to listen and speak. This time I had prepared one song for the noraebang, just in case. Last time I didn’t and ended up in a noraebang anyway. This time I went twice. It’s like a natural order of things. Eat at a restaurant, go to a bar, go to another bar, noraebang.

I could write a lot more about all these things, but I think I’ll settle for this.