A while back I decided on some things I’d like to do more in my spare time. One of those things was to watch more Korean dramas. You might think that’s all I do, but I’ve not watched all that many dramas the past year in spite of having a year subscription to Viki. I’ve mostly watched American shows and I get more satisfaction from watching Korean shows and I practice listening to Korean at the same time.


One drama I followed as it aired was 냄새를 보는 소녀 (The girl who sees smells/Sensory couple). It’s a good drama that mixes fun and light hearted parts with a more serious story. It’s about a girl, played by Shin Se-kyung, who has gained the ability to see smells after waking up from a coma. She gets tangled up with a police officer, played by Park Yoo-chun (Mickey Yoochun of JYJ), and uses her ability to help him solve crimes. The main story, however, is more serious. The reason she ended up in a coma was that she was hit by a car while running away from a serial killer who had killed her parents.

I saw Shin Se-kyung on Running Man where she was participating to promote the drama. In the drama her character’s dream is to become a comedienne and it’s pretty funny when she day dreams about making it big in the first episode and dreams about being a guest on Running Man. They must have shot those scenes when she was a guest on the show in real life. They just changed her name tag to her character’s name. A bit inception-y :) .

I enjoyed the drama. It’s a good mix of funny, serious and romantic.


Another drama I’d like to recommend is 후아유: 학교 2015 (Who are you: School 2015). It’s the latest instalment in a series of school related dramas. This is the first I’ve seen though. It’s about two twin sisters who have been separated. One stayed behind at the orphanage and is being bullied in school and one has a seemingly good life after being adopted. In the first episode both of them disappear. One of them turns up at a hospital, but she has lost her memory. The main character(s) is played by rising star Kim So-hyun. Her male counterparts are Yook Sung-jae (of BtoB) and Nam Joo-hyuk, whom you might have seen in Akdong Musician’s music videos for Give Love and 200%.

I really liked the drama and Kim So-hyun is great in it. It also has a great soundtrack. Especially the song Reset by Tiger JK featuring Jinsil of Mad Soul Child. I’ve been listening to it a lot. Another good song that appears towards the end of the drama is Return, which is sung by Red Velvet’s Wendy.

Here are two fan-made music videos for those songs. There are some spoilers in there, especially in the second video.




The star studded drama Producer started out a bit slowly. I was about to give up after the first two episodes, but I gave it another shot since IU plays one of the four main characters. It got a lot better after a while. It’s about the everyday life of producers working at KBS. IU plays a singer who decides to join the variety show 1 Night 2 Days. I could really empathise with IU’s character. I felt so sorry for her. It’s definitely worth a look, but give it until at least episode 3.

The only drama I’m watching currently is 괜찮아, 사랑이야 (It’s OK, That’s Love). I liked it for a while, but now I’ve kind of lost interest. I started watching it before I went to Korea and then I didn’t pick it up again until Who Are You was over. I’ll probably finish it soon.

I’ve also tried to wach an older drama called Angel Eyes, but it’s too depressing. I’ve watched about half of it and I’m contemplating whether to watch the rest of it hoping for a happy ending or to cut my losses and not watch it any more.