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This blog is an outlet for my interest in Asian music and cinema. The content varies depending on what I’m into at the moment and what the people visiting the blog like. You’ll find Korean and Japanese music clips for mobile devices, the occasional movie review and some pictures of Asian celebrities. I try to keep downloads online for as long as possible, so even if you find something old, there’s a good chance you can still download it.


Here’s just a little information about me (the owner of this site) for anyone that’s interested (and, no, that’s not me in the picture).

Name Per
Location Sweden
Online name mrdeus. I’ve used this handle since, I don’t know, 1998. It’s from a song by the Icelandic band the Sugarcubes.
Interests Japanese and Korean music, movies and language
Favourite artists Crayon Pop, IU, Girls’ Generation (SNSD), YUI, f(x), BoA, T-ara
Favourite actresses Jeon Ji-hyeon, Park Bo-young, Kim Ha-neul and Han Hye-jin
Last purchased CD Crayon Pop ~ Barbarbar, Girl’s Day ~ Female Presitent
Last purchased DVD Tron (Blu-ray)
Last purchased game The Last of Us (PS3)
Currently reading -
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Forums I go to (sometimes) soshified
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