I went on a road trip a little more than a week ago. It was actually a trip to visit my parents, but it’s a long drive, so I had prepared a long list of songs to listen to in the car. I had put 78 songs, which would last almost the whole drive, on a USB-stick and thought that I’d play them on random on my car stereo, which would mean that I wouldn’t have to skip a single song for hours. Or so I thought. … Continue reading


I just added a feature that shows how many seeders and downloaders there are on a torrent directly in the post without having to click the status link. I’ve been meaning to make this feature for a long time, I just haven’t gotten around to it.

It looks like this:

status <- you should see the current number of seeders and dowloaders next to "status" (if you have an AJAX compatible browser, e.g. Firefox, IE7 or Chrome).

When this post was written it looked like this:


… Continue reading


I use the PHP function strrpos in some of my code. Last night I discovered that it behaves very strangely. The fact that it has worked this far is a miracle.

The purpose of strrpos … Continue reading


It seems that my web host is becoming slower and slower. I’ve installed WP-Cache that caches the output in the blog which results in shorter loading time for the visitors. I’m using Counterize for website stats and to be able to run that together with WP-Cache I’ve had to make my own stats script that adds the stats without using any Wordpress functions. Since I had to make this change I took the opportunity to collect stats by loading the script via an image tag instead of loading it directly in the PHP. This is the way I did it back in the day. A benefit of this is that most bots aren’t logged since they don’t load the images, so there’s less maintenance needed for the bots exclude list.

The gallery is not a part of this caching yet. I’m going to make my own solution there when I have the time. Until then I’m afraid the long load times is something you’ll have to live with.

I’m happy to report that since I made my little alteration to the comment form I’ve had a total of zero spam comments. A couple of bots have been caught in the traps I’ve laid out, but most bots don’t even get that far. I know how I would develop the idea further, but I don’t have to worry about doing that until the bots figure out how to post the spam.


I just installed the Firefox Add-on FireBug. It’s an amazing piece of software for web developers. You can basically load any page and edit the HTML and CSS on the fly. I’ve only tried it out a little, but so far it works like a charm and offers much more than the Web developer tool bar that I’ve been using until now. It will be interesting to see how FireBug holds up in a “sharp” situation. My expectations are sky high. It’s amazing that software of this calibre is free.

edit: However, it seems that FireBug has a huge memory leak because both me and a co-worker installed FireBug last week and left our computers on over the weekend and today (Monday) Firefox was using about 600 MB RAM (out of 768). Theoretically it could be because of something else, like another add-on, but I find it most unlikely.