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I’ve just activated the new download function. Good luck :)

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I’ve upgraded my web hotel account to allow me to serve the downloads from the same place as the site is running, which should be a bit more stable than the external download service I’ve been using for the past year.

Now I need some help with the final testing of the new download function.

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It seems like I messed up the download function when making changes to a related script yesterday, making it impossible to download unless you’re using a PSP. I’ve fixed the problem now.

I was wondering why so few had downloaded the latest files.


On Saturday my web host will do some maintenance to their system, so this site will not be available between about 9am and noon (Central European time).


I just added a feature to this site which allows you to rate the posts and see what others have voted. This feature is only available in “regular” browsers with javascript enabled. It’s not available in for example the PS3 and PSP browsers.

Let me know what you think by rating this post :) I haven’t decided whether or not to keep it yet.


I’ve now activated the new download server and all (large) files are now downloaded from there. All files that have ever been a direct download on this site should be available there now, with the exception of old videos that have been replaced with better quality versions. … Continue reading


I’m moving in a few weeks and this will cause me to change ISP. My new ISP will not have a file area like my current one, so I’ll need to buy some file space for the downloads. I’m currently looking into different services, and I was hoping you could help me out by trying one of the download links below … Continue reading


I haven’t posted torrents in a while, but I decided to implement a simple health meter … Continue reading


I noticed that my mirror download server had some technical problems today. Because of this you may have seen a “Removed” message when you tried downloading files hosted there. The server seems to be up and running again, and I’ve updated the script to show you an error message instead of “Removed” when the server is down. It also informs me that the server is down, so that I can contact my ISP.

If you’ve experienced any problems recently, try the download again.


Just a short note to tell you that I fixed (most of) the layout in IE6, which was hopelessly broken. … Continue reading


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