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I’m using an old first generation WD TV HD media player for watching my dramas (got it for the subtitle support that the PS3 lacks). I was curious about whether it’d work with a hardware encrypted hard drive. I googled a little, but didn’t find any specifics. The manual suggests that it’s compatible with older Western Digital drives with “drive lock”, which is just a password lock (no encryption). I didn’t find anything about compatibility with current hard drives.

So I went out and bought a new WD My Passport, enabled encryption and connected it to my WD TV. The WD TV recognizes the encrypted drive. It asks you to unlock it by entering the password using your remote and then it works like a normal hard drive. As long as the WD TV has power (including stand-by), the drive stays unlocked. Once you eject or unplug the drive or the WD TV loses power, the drive locks down and you have to use the password to unlock it again.


I just thought I’d post this in case anyone else is googling for the same thing. The current My Passport drives work out of the box with the WD TV HD (oldest version, Gen 1) with encryption enabled.

The drive won’t work with the PS3 though. Get a basic (and FAT32 formatted) USB drive for that. Only get this particular drive if you want to use hardware encryption.


I just have to vent a little: today I received my second pre-order bonus code for Mirror’s Edge. The first one was for the demo (which won’t be out until the 7th) and this one was to download two tracks off the Mirror’s Edge soundtrack from

I opened the site with Google Chrome and entered my code. Then … Continue reading


Just a short note to tell you that I fixed (most of) the layout in IE6, which was hopelessly broken. … Continue reading


I use the PHP function strrpos in some of my code. Last night I discovered that it behaves very strangely. The fact that it has worked this far is a miracle.

The purpose of strrpos … Continue reading


Just a quick post to tell you that I’ve added some graphs to give a better overview of the torrents on this site. On each torrent info page there’s now a graph showing the activity of that torrent during the last seven days. It also shows the tracker status history, like this:

Tracker history graph

This should make it clear how often the torrents are seeded. I’ve also added a feature that shows the files that are in the torrent (only works for the recent torrents). The torrent info page still looks like crap, but I’ll make it nicer when I have the time.

End communication :)


I’ve added a feature to the site that allows the visitors who use the browser in the PlayStation Portable to save the videos and thumbnails without %20 and similar in the file name (that the PSP browser refuses to decode for some reason). It’s not that difficult to implement, I know, but I wanted to find a way of doing it without using PHP to serve the file. Since I haven’t found any other way, I’m now using PHP for serving locally hosted files.

Now, the only thing you have to do to save the file is click the download link and then click the thumbnail link and choosing “/VIDEO” as the save folder, as illustrated below.

How to save

The example is from this post.

Let me know if you have any problems downloading with the PSP. The new links should also work in Internet Explorer 7.


I’ve just made some changes to the site with regards to the problems I had with download accelerators a couple of months ago.

Hopefully you shouldn’t notice any difference, as long as you’re downloading the videos and songs directly in your web browser and not with a third party software.

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I was going to post some new videos this weekend, but I have to postpone that because a visitor used a poorly written download accelerator to download all the videos from my site and ate up all my monthly bandwidth.

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It seems that my web host is becoming slower and slower. I’ve installed WP-Cache that caches the output in the blog which results in shorter loading time for the visitors. I’m using Counterize for website stats and to be able to run that together with WP-Cache I’ve had to make my own stats script that adds the stats without using any Wordpress functions. Since I had to make this change I took the opportunity to collect stats by loading the script via an image tag instead of loading it directly in the PHP. This is the way I did it back in the day. A benefit of this is that most bots aren’t logged since they don’t load the images, so there’s less maintenance needed for the bots exclude list.

The gallery is not a part of this caching yet. I’m going to make my own solution there when I have the time. Until then I’m afraid the long load times is something you’ll have to live with.

I’m happy to report that since I made my little alteration to the comment form I’ve had a total of zero spam comments. A couple of bots have been caught in the traps I’ve laid out, but most bots don’t even get that far. I know how I would develop the idea further, but I don’t have to worry about doing that until the bots figure out how to post the spam.


I’ve been getting an increasing amount of comment spam on this blog. You probably haven’t seen any of it since I use the Akismet spam filter, but it’s still a bit annoying to have to check the spam box for false positives (so few comments are made, so I want to keep every single one). I’ve been looking at different plugins for Wordpress that fight spammers in different ways, but they all have the same problem: as soon as they become popular, spammers will upgrade their bots to work around the protection. … Continue reading


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