Technical mumbo-jumbo 

I just installed the Firefox Add-on FireBug. It’s an amazing piece of software for web developers. You can basically load any page and edit the HTML and CSS on the fly. I’ve only tried it out a little, but so far it works like a charm and offers much more than the Web developer tool bar that I’ve been using until now. It will be interesting to see how FireBug holds up in a “sharp” situation. My expectations are sky high. It’s amazing that software of this calibre is free.

edit: However, it seems that FireBug has a huge memory leak because both me and a co-worker installed FireBug last week and left our computers on over the weekend and today (Monday) Firefox was using about 600 MB RAM (out of 768). Theoretically it could be because of something else, like another add-on, but I find it most unlikely.


I just typed “jolin scan” into Google’s search engine and among the top results was a Symantec security response page. It turns out that someone has been trying to lure people to open a script attachement by claiming that it’s a nude picture of Jolin Tsai (Taiwanese singer that you can find many posts about on this site). The worm is old news. I just thought it was funny.

Almost as funny as Symantec’s description:

This script is intended to be a mass-mailing worm […] [The samples] were not able to spread due to bugs in the worm’s code.

So when the guy finally got an idea how to get people to open the file, the script doesn’t work. :D


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