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A while back I decided on some things I’d like to do more in my spare time. One of those things was to watch more Korean dramas. You might think that’s all I do, but I’ve not watched all that many dramas the past year in spite of having a year subscription to Viki. I’ve mostly watched American shows and I get more satisfaction from watching Korean shows and I practice listening to Korean at the same time.


One drama I followed as it aired was 냄새를 보는 소녀 (The girl who sees smells/Sensory couple). It’s a good drama that mixes fun and light hearted parts with a more serious story. It’s about a girl, played by Shin Se-kyung, who has gained the ability to see smells after waking up from a coma. … Continue reading



A week or so ago I got my Looney Tunes Golden Collection and the complete Death Note DVD box. One is pretty violent. I’m talking about Looney Tunes, of course ;) . No, really, it’s extremely violent. Death Note has nothing on it.

With this Looney Tunes box I got the classic Roadrunner and Coyote shorts that I wanted. And a ton of other classics. I’ve only watched a few – there are four discs per case. Not all are good, but it’s all quality animation. The one with the Coyote trying to steal sheep under the nose of the sheepdog is hilarious.

I actually re-watched Death Note recently, but it got me thinking that perhaps I should see if it’s available on Blu-ray. … Continue reading


The song that has really stuck with me the past few weeks is NC.A’s My Student Teacher (교생쌤), that I wrote a little about before. Since then I’ve watched some videos of her performing this song and another one on TV and radio shows and she’s much younger than I thought from just hearing her voice. She’s turning 17 next month. It does make the lyrics to her debut song sound more age appropriate, though :) .

Music Bank performance:

Another thing I noticed was the pronunciation of her stage name, NC.A. I should have looked at how it’s written in hangeul (앤씨아) because it’s an “ah” at the end, not “ay”. From one of the interviews I watched I think she said that it stood for something like “new creative artist”.

The other song she’s been performing on the radio shows and show cases has been It Rained All Day (하루 종일 비가 내렸어) by DIA. It has a nice sound to it and NC.A sings it very well in my opinion. I hope she includes it on her first album.

This is a fan cam from one of her performances. There’s a lot of noise from the audience. There are other videos of her singing this song, but I liked this one:

I also read that she’ll be acting in the drama Reply 1994 (응답하라 1994), which starts next month. It’s a sequel (or prequel – I don’t know) to Reply 1997, which I haven’t seen, but it’s supposed to be very good from what I’ve heard. NC.A’s role appears to be pretty small though, since she’s not mentioned (NC.A or 임소은) in any of the cast lists I’ve seen.

NC.A’s twitter, facebook and youtube.


After posting the Road Runner & Coyote clip last week, I did a quick check of online stores and I found a DVD with “classic” Road Runner & Coyote clips. I got the DVD today and it turns out that I should have googled the episode names, because by “classic” they didn’t mean the earliest clips from the 50’s, but some crap from the late 60’s and modern ones from the 90’s and 00’s. None of the Chuck Jones clips, unless you count Chariots of Fur, which is from the 90’s.


What a suckfest! The episodes are not funny. The animation and colouring suck and the music is super awkward. The sound effects are wrong and so is the way the characters are drawn. All the personality and body language of Wile E. Coyote is gone. Animation for this kind of cartoon has really gone downhill. These clips aren’t even close to the quality of the originals.

… Continue reading


I stumbled across this Roadrunner and Coyote clip on youtube today and it’s so freaking funny! :lol:


Just when you don’t think Wile E. Coyote can do anything stupider (”In heaven’s name — What am I doing?”), he puts on that helmet with a wheel on it. I thought I was going to die! :lol:


I love this cartoon! I remember hunting for a Roadrunner and Coyote collection DVD or something a few years ago, but I never found one.

The reason I searched for this cartoon was that I came across this channel on youtube, which has a bunch of big compilations of classic cartoons. Sadly, no Roadrunner and Coyote videos.

By the way, I recognized this particular episode of Roadrunner and Coyote from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They’re watching it in Xander’s basement in an episode in season 4.



These past few weeks I’ve been watching Running Man a lot (which should be no surprise to people who know me on Instagram :lol: ). It’s a Korean ”urban action” variety show consisting of a main cast (including singers and actors) and different celebrity guests. I don’t remember why I decided to check it out, but I started by downloading some episodes where people I like were guests. But then I thought the main cast, and the concept as a whole, was so funny that I started to watch more and more episodes.

It’s basically a race where the cast and guests are divided into teams that have to do different challenges/games, often at some famous location (mostly in Korea, but also in other countries). Each episode is different, but usually ends up with a battle where each member has a big name tag attached to their back and if their name tag is ripped off, they’re out.

The main cast … Continue reading



I don’t watch anime so much these days. The exception was Vision of Escaflowne, which I watched after hearing the synopsis at an anime soundtrack concert. It was a pretty good anime, but didn’t quite live up to my expectations.

The other day I got Attack on Titan (進撃の巨人/Shingeki no Kyojin) recommended to me on Twitter (thanks Stephane). It seemed cool based on the single screen I had seen. I started watching it, and it’s very good. It’s different in a deceptive way. When you think you have the story figured out, it makes a sharp turn in another direction. That’s the impression I’ve gotten from the episodes that have aired so far.


The anime series is based on a manga by Hajime Isayama. It takes place in a world where … Continue reading



I was a bit sceptical about the drama series Gu Family Book judging by its first couple of episodes, which consisted of the back story for the main plot. However, I stuck with it to see when Suzy’s character would appear and after a few episodes the drama has really taken off. The main characters (Kang-chi, Yeo-wool and Chung-jo) are much more relatable.

Besides Suzy (the reason for my watching the drama in the first place), another beauty is Lee Yoo-bi, who plays Chung-jo … Continue reading


Nearly two weeks ago I attended UFC Sweden for the second time (UFC on Fuel TV 9). It was fun. Some great fights, even though the main event had been changed since Alexander Gustafsson wasn’t allowed to fight due to a cut (split eyebrow, I think). I was really impressed with the Irish fighter Conor McGregor. Many Swedish fighters performed well too. Tor Troeng owned fellow TUF contender Adam Cella.


The audience was really supportive of the Swedish fighters. Except one. Chris Spång, who looked extremely nervous and tentative. People were cheering when he walked in with the Swedish flag and when the fight started, but after a couple minutes without action the cheers died down. A guy behind me shouted out his frustration “Men slååå-råååå!!” (”Punch FFS!!”).

… Continue reading



I started watching another Korean drama series the other day. It’s called Gu Family Book (구가의 서). The reason I checked it out is because Suzy (Miss A, Dream High) plays one of the main parts, which the teaser suggests is a pretty bad-ass martial artist. The main character is played by Lee Seung-ki (The King 2 Hearts), but I haven’t gotten that far yet.

Gu Family Book is a period/fantasy drama. I generally have a hard time taking these seriously, since … Continue reading


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