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Last night I started watching the Korean drama series You’re the best, Lee Soon-shin (최고다 이순신). The main character is played by IU, which I admit is the reason I checked this drama out. She’s very adorable as Soon-shin, but the drama seems to be very good as well.

I’ve only watched two episodes, but the impression I’ve gotten so far is that the drama is about being brave when handling adversity, even though no one else believes in you and that “when a door closes, a window opens”.

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I wrote a little about women’s MMA a few years ago. Since then I’ve been loosely following the women’s divisions in Strikeforce. Other than that I’ve watched Invicta once, I think.

The first time I saw Ronda Rousey fight in MMA was when she captured the Strikeforce title, no wait, it was her first title defence (I had missed some shows). I was really impressed with her crisp technique. For those who don’t know her, she comes from a Judo background where she got the bronze medal at the Olympics back in ‘08. She was undefeated in MMA before her UFC title defence and had won all her fights via first round armbar submission. Even when her opponents knew what was coming, they didn’t stand a chance. Those were fights that I showed my buddies youtube clips of (viewer discretion advised, though).

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I was spazzing so hard when I first heard that Tae-yeon was going to sing a song on the soundtrack for To the Beautiful you (아름다운 그대에게). I kind of like Tae-yeon (fun game: try to locate the biggest understatement in this post :) ) and I like all of her drama soundtrack songs. She really is the queen of drama soundtracks. The song is called Closer (가까이) and was first heard at the end of episode 5. It’s a really nice ballad. I like the whole soundtrack, but Closer and Stand Up are the best songs, imo.

Tae-yeon ~ Closer Live@Inkigayo 20120916

Tae-yeon ~ Closer Live@Inkigayo 20120916

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The video clip is from Tae-yeon’s performance of the song at Inkigayo. I wish I were there! >_< Look how close to the stage everyone is standing.

As for the drama, I’ve watched 12 episodes so far. While the plot is a bit uneven, I like this drama a lot. I’ve been rooting for Eun-gyeol since the beginning, but I’ve had the feeling from the start that it won’t end the way I would like. I’m glad he decided to do what he did in episode 11, though (차은결 파이팅!). The last episodes will air next week. How will it end?! :)


I don’t know if you’ve picked up on it by now, but I’m currently watching the Korean drama adaptation of Hana-Kimi, To the Beautiful You. The theme song for that drama is sung by singer-songwriter J-Min. It’s called Stand Up (일어나). I really like this song. It suits the drama very well.

J-Min ~ Stand Up Live@Inkigayo 20120826

J-Min ~ Stand Up Live@Inkigayo 20120826

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I haven’t heard of J-Min before. She’s an SM Entertainment artist, but it seems like she has mostly been active in Japan prior to this drama.

The sound track for the drama is being released bit by bit. Since SM is producing the drama, it’s all SM artists. There’s one duet with Krystal and Jessica Jung and one with Sunny and Luna, for example. In the latest episode, which aired today, Tae-yeon is singing a really nice ballad. I’m fighting hard to resist watching the episode before I have the fansub. I saw a clip with Tae-yeon’s song and the scene seems really emotional too. Gaaa. It’s too late to watch it tonight, so maybe I can resist another day.



I just finished watching episode 4 of To the Beautiful You (or “For You in Full Blossom” (Bloom), which is the official English title — yuck). It’s only been two weeks, but I’m feeling that watching this drama will be a part of my weekend routine the coming few weeks. The community fansubs are made quickly, so I can watch the Wednesday episode with subtitles on Saturday morning and the Thursday episode on Sunday evening. Check my previous post for links to where to get it.

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I finished rewatching the anime Death Note the other day. I haven’t watched it since it first aired back in 2007. I tried reading the manga after having watched the anime the first time, but it was a bit boring since I knew what would happen. By the time I rewatched the anime, I had forgotten a lot of things. I still remembered the story in big strokes, but there were still details that surprised me (again).

For those who haven’t watched it, it’s about an intelligent but bored guy who finds a note book that has been dropped into the human world by a death god. He discovers that if he writes the someone’s name in the book, they die. He decides to rid the world of “rotten” people, starting with violent criminals. He envisions a perfect new world, where he’ll be the god. When it becomes known that criminals are dropping dead like flies, the police and international security agencies try to track down the one behind the deaths (named Kira by the people). They bring in a super intelligent investigator going by the name “L”, to help in the search for Kira.

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The first two episodes of the Korean drama series To the Beautiful You have aired and the fansubs have been released. I decided to give this drama a shot partly because Sulli of f(x) plays the lead character and partly because I liked the sound of the plot. Sulli plays Jae-hee who is a fan of the high-jumper Tae-jun (played by SHINee’s Min-ho). Tae-jun gets injured and Jae-hee disguises herself as a boy to be able to join the all-boys school where Tae-jun goes in order to get close to him and convince him not to give up on high-jumping.

As I suspected, Sulli isn’t very convincing as a boy. But that isn’t important as long as the other characters in the drama are convinced. Kind of like how no-one seems to be able to see that Clark Kent looks very much like Superman or how Bruce Wayne has the exact same jaw as Batman.

The story is pretty much what I expected so far, which is good. The original manga (and drama adaptations) is Japanese and it shines through. … Continue reading


Sulli of f(x) is starring in the upcoming drama series To the Beautiful You (아름다운 그대에게), which is an adaptation of the Japanese manga Hana-Kimi. Looks very interesting to me. It’s about a girl who idolizes a high-jumper. When he gives up on high-jumping the girl wants to transfer to his school to help him get back. The problem is that it’s an all-boys school, so she disguises herself as a boy to be able to enter.

Co-starring with Sulli is Min-ho from SHINee. There are also members from ZE:A, Infintite and EXO in the drama. The drama is produced by SM Entertainment (as the cast hints at) on SBS.


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Yesterday I attended UFC Sweden. The first UFC show ever held in Sweden. Mixed martial arts is pretty much the only sport I watch. I just don’t have much interest in watching other sports. Never have. I’ve never been to a live event before, though.

The whole thing felt a bit surreal. I saw a story in a daily newspaper about Swedish MMA fighter Alexander Gustafsson the day before yesterday and it said “[bla bla] at a sold out Globen”. Globen (Ericsson Globe) is Sweden’s largest indoor arena. It was nice to see some positive coverage of MMA in Swedish news, but it came as a bit of a shock to me because I had completely missed that the UFC was coming here! I don’t know how it happened, but it had completely passed under my radar.

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After finishing Secret Garden, I started watching Dream High 2. It takes place in the same art school as the first Dream High, but a lot has changed. The school has lost its status and is going down the drain when an entertainment company buys it out and sends its own artists, who have been banned from performing for violating a new law prohibiting under-age artists from performing late at night, to attend the school for the time being. It’s not entirely clear what the exact reasoning behind this is.

The actors are all different with the exception of JYP and a few cameo appearances by the original cast.

The main character is Hae-seong, played by Kang So-ra. I recognize her from the movie Sunny. She’s really cute and funny. … Continue reading


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