Last night I played through the game Brothers for PS3. The game was developed by the Swedish Starbreeze Studios and the director is Swedish film director Josef Fares.

The game is a platformer/puzzle type game where you play as two brothers at the same time. The left analogue stick controls the big brother and the left controls the little brother. You travel through a mythic Nordic/fantasy landscape, inhabited by trolls, giants and the like, where you have to make your way to the tree of life to bring back a cure for your sick father.


In order to progress you have to find a way to get by a number of obstacles. The two brothers have different traits that you’ll discover as you try to solve the problems presented to you. … Continue reading


I haven’t been gaming much for a long while, but I got Bioshock Infinite back in the spring and I recently finished The Last of Us. Both for the PlayStation 3.


While I really enjoyed the tripped out story in Bioshock – especially the tearing of rifts between dimensions, causing them to bleed into each other – I found the actual ”shooter” game-play kind of mediocre, coupled with the never-ending search for items in every single barrel, trash can – you name it. It’s good, but I haven’t finished it.

I’m sure you’ve heard of The Last of Us. I really enjoyed … Continue reading


The PS3 has always sucked when it has come to viewing Youtube videos. They’ve hardly been viewable in the web browser with horrible quality. However, a while back a dedicated Youtube app was finally released. In order to install it on your PS3, go to TV/Video Services -> My Channels -> Youtube. Works great.

What’s even better is that in the latest update for the iOS Youtube app that came out today, they’ve added support for pairing your iPhone to your PlayStation 3 which allows you to search for videos on your phone and then show it on your TV via your PS3. I don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this. It’s extremely convenient. And, yes, you can watch the videos in HD.



This weekend I’ve been playing XCOM: Enemy Unknown on PS3. It’s a turned based strategy game developed by the same people who made Civilization. It’s based on an old game called UFO: Enemy Unknown (1994). I wasn’t sure I’d like it, but I bought it since I’ve been playing Civilization Revolution a bit recently.

As you probably have guessed already, it’s a game about saving the earth from an alien invasion.

XCOM is pretty challenging. Frustrating at first, but then it’s a bit thrilling. I haven’t played the old games, so I didn’t have any prior knowledge about the strategies involved. Apart from commanding a squad of soldiers in alien infested areas, you also have to manage research, build facilities in your base and make decisions on what part of the world should get satellite coverage/military help/etc. to avoid panic.

I think part of the game is not knowing what to do. When you meet a new kind of alien … Continue reading


I recently played through the US version of the game Catherine for PS3 (European release is later this year) and thought I’d share my impressions of the game.

The biggest thing Catherine has going for it is the presentation. The game has an anime style, which looks awesome. Part of the story is told via anime cutscenes, which add to the personality of the characters. Even the menus look good. Everything is voice acted except the SMS messages Vincent, the main character, sends and receives. The voice of Vincent sounds suspiciously like the voice of Snow in Final Fantasy XIII though :P .

The game consists of … Continue reading


At first I was thinking about skipping Super Street Fighter IV, since I already have the regular Street Fighter IV from last year. But after watching this trailer I have changed my mind.

… Continue reading


I’ve been looking forward to Final Fantasy XIII for such a long time. I got it on the release day and I’ve been playing it as soon as I’ve come home from work.

I’m currently about 12 hours in and just started chapter 6. I probably did something wrong, but it took me 16 minutes to beat the Aster Protoflorian at the end of chapter 5. Normally the battles are a couple of minutes long, maximum.

You’ve probably read some mixed reviews of this game online (I probably read too much about this game before I started playing it) where people are complaining about this and that. I only have one major gripe with this game: … Continue reading


I got my copy of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (PS3) today (on the 10th I mean). At first I was so tired that I didn’t think I would be able to play it tonight after work, but I couldn’t not play a game I’ve been looking forward to this much :)

I decided to try playing the single player campaign on the “hardened” difficulty.

The game is very intense! The tempo and amount of action is incredible. It switches back and forth between different parts of the story much like the first game did.

Once I had started I couldn’t put the controller down (except for taking bites of my already cold dinner), so I ended up finishing the campaign in one sitting :) . Took a bit over seven hours (and I usually take a long time to finish games). I died many times, but it wasn’t overly difficult.

Now it’s time for bed. I’ll try the “Special Ops” mode and multiplayer tomorrow night.

The game is very violent and definitely deserves its 18+ rating.

To sum up: this game is awesome! :D


I got Crystal Defenders for the PS3 the other night and I just have to complain a bit about the game’s description … Continue reading


I went by a local game shop that’s near where I work yesterday and when I left I saw a handwritten note on the door that said that some dudes from Starbreeze Studios would be there the day after (today) to talk about and sign The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena games.

I decided to go there after work today to check it out and buy the game (it’s pay day). I had played the demo and the game seemed pretty decent.

Signed game

It was the producer and art director who … Continue reading


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