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What does “PSP ready” mean?

Videos marked with “PSP ready” are made to be played on a Sony PlayStation Portable. They have the maximum resolution that the PSP can handle (480×272 pixels). The required firmware is 3.30 or later.

They are, of course, playable on other devices as well. See the following FAQ answers below.


How do I play PSP videos on my PSP?

Note: you don’t need a PSP to play these videos. Check the FAQ answers below.

Place the MP4 file in the /VIDEO/ folder on your PSP memory stick. That’s about it. If you want a thumbnail image, place the corresponding JPG file in the same folder.

You can place the videos in a sub-folder like this: /VIDEO/Ai Otsuka/ for example.

I’ve heard some people say that you should remove your MP_ROOT folder to be able to play videos from the VIDEO folder, but that hasn’t been necessary for me.

Note that your PSP firmware version should be 3.30 or later to play full resolution PSP videos.


How to I play PSP videos on my PC?

These videos are encoded using the H.264/AVC codec. You can play them on your PC in many ways, including:

  1. Windows 7 supports this video format by default. You can play it in Windows Media Player, but it will look better in Media Player Classic, which doesn’t use all the filters that the standard media player does.
  2. Installing ffdshow (recommended for Windows XP).
  3. Using VLC media player (recommended for Windows XP).
  4. Using QuickTime 7 or later (not recommended, because QuickTime sucks).

Playing the videos in iTunes is not recommended, because iTunes sucks at video playback.


Can I play PSP videos on my PS3?

Absolutely! Just save them to your VIDEO folder or wherever you keep your video files.


Can I play PSP videos on my iPod?

These videos aren’t made for the iPod and iTunes says that they’re not supported, BUT you can play them on the 4th generation Nano if you use SharePod to transfer the videos. Some of the videos may be a little choppy at times, but most play fine. My guess is that they will work on the iPod Touch and the iPhone as well, but I haven’t tested that.

Set the option “fit to screen” to off on your iPod to get the full wide screen picture.

Note: If you’re using Sound Check on your iPod, the sound in the videos will be considerably louder than your music, so turn down the volume before starting the video. Be careful with your hearing!


What are the thm/thumbnail files for?

This is just an image that you put in the same folder as the video file on the PSP in order to get a thumbnail image next to the video when you’re browsing through them.


What software do you use to make these videos?

I use XviD4PSP.

Direct downloads


How do I download files?

Click the download link (left-click). For videos, there’s a link called “download” next to the thumbnail image. For mp3-files, the song name is clickable.


Are download managers/accelerators allowed?

Yes! As long as your download manager is integrated with your web browser. It not recommended to use the acceleration feature, since using multiple connections will reduce the amount of data you’ll be able to download, but it is allowed. Use as few connections as possible.


For some “unexplained reason” the download doesn’t work.

Perhaps you’re using stand-alone download software. If you want to use a download manager, pick one that’s integrated with your web browser.

Try turning off your download manager or download acceleration software and use your web browser’s built-in download function.

If that doesn’t help, read the following answer (below).


I downloaded the file but it won’t play and it’s very small.

One of three things has happened:

  1. You’ve downloaded the file by right-clicking + “save target as…”, but there was an error. As a result you’ve saved the HTML-page displaying the error message instead of the file. To view the message either open the file in Notepad or rename the file to something.html and open it in your web browser.
  2. The connection was interrupted when you downloaded (< 30 minutes). Try again.
  3. Your download reached the time limit (>30 minutes) and was cut off (see the following answer).

If you downloaded a torrent file, open it with a BitTorrent client.


My download was cut off before I got the whole file.

Due to limitations set by my web host, I have to terminate downloads that go on for longer than 30 minutes. This will leave you with a partially downloaded file that won’t play at all or only plays partially.

Diagnosing the problem:

  1. Click the “preview” link next to the video you downloaded (not all files have a preview).
  2. Compare the file size (in bytes) stated in the preview image with the actual size of the file you downloaded.
  3. If the file you downloaded is smaller than it says in the preview, your download was cut off.

If your download went on for 35 minutes, it’s guaranteed to have been cut off.

Fixing the problem:

  1. Install a download manager (that’s integrated with your web browser) that supports resuming downloads.
  2. Download the file using the download manager.
  3. When the download gets cut off, tell the download manager to resume the download (if it doesn’t automatically).
  4. Also, avoid many parallel downloads when you have such a slow connection.

I could serve the files without this time limit, but then you wouldn’t be able to use download managers or background downloading on the PS3 and I would have to lower the bandwidth limit.


Can I resume incomplete downloads?

Yes! Use a download manager (that’s integrated with your web browser) that supports resuming.


When I click on “download”, the video starts in QuickTime Player.

This should no longer happen unless you’ve specifically told your web browser to use QuickTime for the application/octet-stream MIME type.


How do I download files using the PSP web browser?

Click the download link. Save video and thumbnail to the VIDEO folder on your PSP.


How to I download files using the PS3 web browser?

Select the download link, press triangle and choose “save target”. Save videos to the VIDEO folder.

You’re free to use background downloading.

If you get an error, try pressing X on the download link instead to see a readable error message.


It says “bandwidth limit exceeded” when I try to download.

Read the text on the page displayed for you. All information you need is there.

There’s no need to send me messages about “bandwidth problems”.


The download is slow.

What can I say? That’s too bad. Try connecting to a torrent, if one is available, and hope that someone closer to you geographically also connects.


Can you upload to MegaUpload/RapidShare/MediaFire/etc.?

You would think so, but no.


Why have I been banned from downloading?

You or someone with the same ISP has abused the download service. For example, you tried to automatically download all of, or a big portion of, my site or you tried to “hack” the service. Use common sense.



The torrent I downloaded doesn’t have any seeders.

Click the status link that’s next to each torrent and check the history graphs. Sometimes I’m the only seeder and I turned my computer off for a few hours. If the torrent hasn’t been seeded in a long while, you can request a re-seed. Preferably in a comment on the post containing the torrent.


The torrent has seeders, but it doesn’t start downloading.

If you’re running PeerGuardian, check that it’s not blocking the connection. Otherwise it’s possible that the connection between you and the seeder(s) is too bad and your connection times out (check the logs in your BitTorrent client). Nothing to do in that case except hope that other seeders connect.


How does BitTorrent work? How do I download with BitTorrent?

I don’t say this often, but: google it.


What is a “web seed”?

A web seed is a web server that has all or some of the files that are in a torrent. If there are no seeders, or if you can’t connect to any seeders, your BitTorrent client (uTorrent or Azureus) will download the files from the web server instead.



May I link you your downloads?

You may link to the post/page containing the download, not to the actual file.


May I use your content on my site/YouTube/etc.?

Yes. I’d appreciate it if you wrote that it’s from and/or included a link to my site, though. Please don’t copy entire posts though. You may quote parts of them if you want to (as long as you state that it’s quoted from but don’t copy the whole thing. Please.


Do you have an image to use for linking to your site?

Yes, I have this one.


Would you like to exchange links?

Contact me and we’ll discuss it.



How do I choose an avatar/image to show next to my comment?

You can connect your e-mail address to a so called globally recognized avatar at


Why is there an ugly “monster” next to my comment?

It’s something called a “wavatar”. If you don’t have a gravatar associated with the e-mail address you supply when posting a comment, a “wavatar” is auto generated for you based on your e-mail address or name. If you want to choose your own avatar, get one at


Why doesn’t my comment show up?

It’s possible that your comment got stuck in the spam filter. If you saw the “thank you” message, I have received the comment. If it was falsely classified as spam, I will “de-spam” the comment when I have time, and it will become visible.

I reserve the right to remove any comment for any reason. I will remove abusive comments and comments that have no other purpose but to promote another site (a.k.a. spam), for example. You are of course free to write whatever you want on your own blog and link back to my site.


Do you take requests?


To a certain extent, yes. But don’t request anything unless you’re willing to wait at least a week for it. Few things are less fulfilling than filling a request only to see that the person who requested it never checked back.

I don’t promise to fill any request, but I might do it from time to time.

And, please, if you have a request that’s unrelated to a post, leave it in the guestbook instead.


How do I make a request?

Where to make the request:

  1. Stay on topic. Don’t make a request in a blog post unless it’s related to that particular post, e.g. the same artist.
  2. If your request is “off topic”, please make it in the guestbook. I get all comments in my inbox no matter where they’re posted, so there’s no need to make the request on the latest post just because it’s the latest.
  3. If you plan on writing “thx, btw could you post [insert off topic request here]”, the request still belongs in the guestbook.

What you may request:

  1. Anything relevant to this site (e.g. Asian music videos, pictures and such).
  2. No western music.
  3. No movies or dramas.
  4. No full concerts.
  5. No full albums.

Other than that, read “Do you take requests?” above.


You mentioned rating the posts. I don’t see a rating feature.

The rating feature has been removed.


How do I know if someone has replied to my comment?

You can do one of the following things:

  1. Check back later (obviously).
  2. Subscribe to the main comments feed, where all public comments on the blog are shown.
  3. Subscribe to the individual RSS feed for each post, that only shows comments to that specific post. You can find it above the comments.
  4. There’s also a “recent comments” box in the sidebar on the front page.

Why haven’t you replied to my comment?

I reply to most comments. But sometimes I don’t, for various reasons. For example, if you commented on a post I made, but I feel there isn’t really a need to follow up that comment. Perhaps you posted a request - I rarely reply to those.

Or perhaps I simply haven’t had the time. I get all comments you make (except spam) to my e-mail, so I rarely miss new comments.

Supporting the site


What can I do to support this site?

First and foremost, you can support this site by participating. That means leaving comments.

If you download 20-30 videos, the least you can do is leave one comment, don’t you think?

You can also make a donation via PayPal. This is of course nothing you have to do. You can donate any amount, but keep in mind that PayPal charges a fee of $0.40 + a percentage for each transaction, so it’s better if you donate $10 once rather than $1 ten times. If you want to make a donation you can use the button below.

Another way of supporting the site is to click my affiliate links before making a purchase at the following places:

Support this site! Use this link when you shop at YesAsia! J-List Learn Korean with

It won’t cost you anything extra at all to click those links before buying something.



Will you share my information (e-mail address) with anyone?

No, absolutely not.

Note, however, that if you write your e-mail address in the comment field (and not in the e-mail field) when you post a comment, your e-mail address will be visible along with the rest of your comment. If you enter your e-mail address in the designated field, it will not be published.


Will you send e-mails to my e-mail address?

I will reply to messages sent via the contact form via e-mail. I might reply to a question in your comment to a post via e-mail, but mostly I’ll just post a comment on the blog with the answer.

I will absolutely not send any unsolicited e-mails like ads, promoting contests, whining about how people don’t comment, or anything like that. I hate it when forum admins and such do that to me. If I have any announcements I’ll post them on the blog. I will absolutely not send them via e-mail.