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  1. Chewi says:

    Merry Christmas

  2. Site ownermrdeus says:

    Merry Xmas.

  3. Theo says:

    Merry Christmas! :)
    G-Dragon - Butterfly for PSP please~

  4. Rinkacchi says:

    Happy New Year mrdeus-san. Happy New Year too all. It’s bee a while I’ve didn’t have time for download since I’m very busy because of christmas & new year party in my house. XD Well, can I request Ayumi Hamasaki latest PV except PV titled Sweet Scar?

  5. Site ownermrdeus says:

    Happy New Year! I haven’t followed Ayu lately, but I’ll check out her new stuff.

  6. chewi says:

    just wan’t to thank you for introductiong me to Death Note. (although i’m reading the manga, rather than the Anime). I love the batle of minds between Kira and L.

  7. Site ownermrdeus says:

    Death Note is so great! Reading the manga is probably much better than watching the anime since there’s so much thinking involved. I started reading the manga after watching the anime, but it got so repetitive since I had the story fresh in memory. But if you haven’t seen the anime, the manga is the way to go.

  8. chewi says:

    how far along on the story are you?

  9. Site ownermrdeus says:

    I didn’t continue with the manga since I had just watched the anime at the time. I only read the first few (3-4) volumes. I’ve seen the whole anime, though.

  10. Alex says:

    Hey mrdeus. Have you watched Love and Other Drugs? If so, can you post your thoughts? Please rate as well. Thank you very much.

  11. Site ownermrdeus says:

    Hi. No, I haven’t seen it. Is it good? It seems to be rated pretty “normally” on imdb. Not like those movies where 90% of the votes are either 10 or 1.

  12. m3lai says:

    hi! came to see ur blog while searching for blogs about secret garden.. as you know, im a certified SEGA addict.. lol

    and also, a korean drama addict! of course, may favorite is Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won but I also like Kim Sun Ah (love her in Kim Sam Soon and in I Do I Do).. another korean actress that i admire is Yoon Eun Hye, (love her in Lie To Me - her partnership with Kang Ji Hwan is perfect, just like Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won)

  13. m3lai says:

    hi again! it seems we’re so much alike.. watching tv/movies is our passion..
    i also watched several TV Series but lately my favorite is The Walking Dead - season 4 will start in October.. if you haven’t watch it, you should start now.. its the best, 2nd only to Prison Break

  14. m3lai says:

    i mean, The Walking Dead is better than Prison Break..

  15. Site ownermrdeus says:

    @m3lai: I’ve been following The Walking Dead too. Kind of been on the verge of losing interest at the end of the last two seasons, but I think I’ll continue watching when the next season starts. I haven’t followed Prison Break.

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