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  1. Kenai says:

    Can U post MV Sexy Love (ROBOT Dance Ver) T-ARA,please

  2. Lelo says:

    Hi,can u post teen top to you MV,the song and the choreography are awesome,please

  3. Sigh says:

    I think mrdues is busy or lazy. So many ppl request yet no upload.

  4. Site ownermrdeus says:

    Sigh: thanks for contributing

  5. Hammy says:

    @sigh: Maybe you should reconsider you post about mrdeus…..She maybe be busy with her work or for most bloggers ,busy with examinations….You should give her some words of encouragement

    @mrdeus: Although part of what sigh said maybe true (about the . request)….You could probably tell us that you are either busy or have no time to post the request….I’m not tryin to hurt you by saying these things…Anyway mrdeus Hwaiting!!!

  6. Site ownermrdeus says:

    I’m no longer taking requests. There. Problem solved.

  7. Alex says:

    Dammit Sigh

  8. Alex says:

    C’mon Sigh. Atleast thank mrdeus. He’s the one working hard trying to give you grade A vid downloads, one of a kind vid downloads. He finds the source, dl’s it, edits it, converts it, and stuff like that. It’s hard work. If you don’t appreciate that, and scowl at him, saying that he’s lazy, then don’t go to this site.

  9. Hammy says:

    I totally agree with you Alex….A lot of effort is put into this….All you can do after a request has been fullfiled is a simple thank you…..Seeing a thank you will make mrdeus see that his works are appreciated….And mr deus if my previous comments has provoked you or maybe hurt you……I am truly sorry

  10. Anonymous says:

    can you please post girls generation oh japanese version

  11. Alex says:

    Dude, can you tell me your thoughts about Hyuna’s Ice Cream? Pls.

  12. Site ownermrdeus says:

    I’ll see if I have time tonight. I haven’t listened to it yet.

  13. Alex says:

    Dude, SNSD just released a new single. Flower Power. ^__________________^

  14. Site ownermrdeus says:

    Yeah, I know ^^. I haven’t watched the full video yet though. I’m saving it for the weekend :)

  15. Alex says:

    Ohh. Well, I just watched it. It was awesome! XD

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