A week or so ago I got my Looney Tunes Golden Collection and the complete Death Note DVD box. One is pretty violent. I’m talking about Looney Tunes, of course ;) . No, really, it’s extremely violent. Death Note has nothing on it.

With this Looney Tunes box I got the classic Roadrunner and Coyote shorts that I wanted. And a ton of other classics. I’ve only watched a few – there are four discs per case. Not all are good, but it’s all quality animation. The one with the Coyote trying to steal sheep under the nose of the sheepdog is hilarious.

I actually re-watched Death Note recently, but it got me thinking that perhaps I should see if it’s available on Blu-ray. … Continue reading


Last Saturday I attended Korean boy band Vixx’ showcase in Sweden. It was the first K-pop concert in Scandinavia! There was a strict “no photography” policy, so I didn’t take any photos. Sorry.

When I got the ticket I felt a bit guilty, since I hadn’t followed Vixx before and fan-girls were desperately trying to get a hold of tickets after they sold out.

The concert was held at a pretty small venue, Oscarsteatern. I’ve been there before for musicals. Even though the seats were numbered a queue formed outside the theatre before they opened the doors. It was pretty funny how many passers-by stopped and asked what we were queueing for, because there was no sign for this event and they couldn’t believe that we (mostly girls) were queueing for the show that was playing there other days.

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Back in January, I needed to buy a headphone amplifier for the excellent headphones I got as a birthday present. I ended up getting the Objective 2 (O2) amplifier, which is an open source design that you can build yourself if you want. It had great reviews and the design goals appealed to me. It was basically designed to prove a point: that you could make a transparent amplifier that measured well (hence the “objective”) with fairly inexpensive parts.

The same guy who designed the O2 also designed a USB DAC (digital-to-analog converter) called the Objective DAC (ODAC) following the same principles. I wasn’t really in the market for a DAC, but since I was ordering from the US, I bought both. I got the stand-alone ODAC (it’s the tiny box on the top in the picture) so that I could connect it to what I wanted via the line-out. At first the DAC felt like overkill and I didn’t use it much. When I eventually started using it, I was impressed with the improved sound quality.

The other day I read somewhere that the ODAC might work with Android devices, so I thought I’d give it a shot and bought a USB OTG (on-the-go) cable and hooked up my Galaxy Note 8 to the ODAC. And it worked right away! :D Now I can get “raw” digital audio from my Note and let the ODAC take it from there.

This makes me appreciate both the fact that the ODAC designer opted for a chip that doesn’t require proprietary drivers, but uses standard protocols instead, and that Android follows these standards.

If you’re curious about the headphones, they’re Beyerdynamic DT880’s (premium, 250 ohm). Love them.



Things are happening in K-Pop Sweden. In a few weeks we’ll have Scandinavia’s first K-Pop concert when VIXX come here to perform and yesterday Simon and Martina (Eat Your Kimchi) were here for a fanmeet. Needless to say, I went there.

The fanmeet was held at a school in Stockholm near where I have my Korean classes. The whole thing was pretty well coordinated with tons of information on Facebook leading up to the event. A lot of people came. About 700!

I went there with a friend of mine who also likes EYK, but I saw several people I know from the Korean school and my teacher was there as well. After passing through a very elaborate queueing system we came into the room for the fanmeet. … Continue reading


I had Eat You Kimchi’s Music Monday playlist playing in the background while working today, and I agree with Martina about the group GI and their latest song Booshit (뻥치지마) (Feat. Dok2). I like it. I was a bit deterred by the “24K cash & money” stuff at the beginning, but once I got past that part it quickly grew on me. It’s the kind of song I’d like to play while driving, but it also works well for work as it turns out (headphones).


GI (지아이/Global Icon) debuted back in April with the song Beatles, which I also like after checking it out today. They’re kind of a hip hop-ish k-pop group. I’m going to continue checking them out.


Speaking of Eat Your Kimchi, Simon and Martina are coming to Sweden this weekend (yes, I’m going!).


I got myself a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 a while back. It was kind of an impulse buy. I’ve been wanting a tablet for quite some time, but I haven’t been able to justify it. I was seduced by the stylus. I thought it could be fun to doodle a little on the tablet between surfing the web and browsing youtube.

I liked it more than I expected. The ability to draw digitally really rekindled something inside me. I used to draw all the time when I was in school, but then I just stopped and haven’t drawn for a very long while.

I bought Sketchbook Pro (Galaxy Note edition), which is dirt cheap. Initially I thought I’d do pencil sketches and maybe outline and colour them, like cartoons. Then I saw these videos by French artist samkat, which really inspired me:



I was intrigued by how he used a few initial colours and then mixed them by picking the colours from the areas where the colours bleed into one another. I’ve only used water colours and that was ages ago. I’m really enjoying this digital painting with colours. I’m not good at it, but it’s fun.

Having this tablet kind of makes me regret not buying a Wacom board for my PC back when I was drawing a lot, but I was a student and couldn’t afford it.

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The song that has really stuck with me the past few weeks is NC.A’s My Student Teacher (교생쌤), that I wrote a little about before. Since then I’ve watched some videos of her performing this song and another one on TV and radio shows and she’s much younger than I thought from just hearing her voice. She’s turning 17 next month. It does make the lyrics to her debut song sound more age appropriate, though :) .

Music Bank performance:

Another thing I noticed was the pronunciation of her stage name, NC.A. I should have looked at how it’s written in hangeul (앤씨아) because it’s an “ah” at the end, not “ay”. From one of the interviews I watched I think she said that it stood for something like “new creative artist”.

The other song she’s been performing on the radio shows and show cases has been It Rained All Day (하루 종일 비가 내렸어) by DIA. It has a nice sound to it and NC.A sings it very well in my opinion. I hope she includes it on her first album.

This is a fan cam from one of her performances. There’s a lot of noise from the audience. There are other videos of her singing this song, but I liked this one:

I also read that she’ll be acting in the drama Reply 1994 (응답하라 1994), which starts next month. It’s a sequel (or prequel – I don’t know) to Reply 1997, which I haven’t seen, but it’s supposed to be very good from what I’ve heard. NC.A’s role appears to be pretty small though, since she’s not mentioned (NC.A or 임소은) in any of the cast lists I’ve seen.

NC.A’s twitter, facebook and youtube.


After posting the Road Runner & Coyote clip last week, I did a quick check of online stores and I found a DVD with “classic” Road Runner & Coyote clips. I got the DVD today and it turns out that I should have googled the episode names, because by “classic” they didn’t mean the earliest clips from the 50’s, but some crap from the late 60’s and modern ones from the 90’s and 00’s. None of the Chuck Jones clips, unless you count Chariots of Fur, which is from the 90’s.


What a suckfest! The episodes are not funny. The animation and colouring suck and the music is super awkward. The sound effects are wrong and so is the way the characters are drawn. All the personality and body language of Wile E. Coyote is gone. Animation for this kind of cartoon has really gone downhill. These clips aren’t even close to the quality of the originals.

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I haven’t been gaming much for a long while, but I got Bioshock Infinite back in the spring and I recently finished The Last of Us. Both for the PlayStation 3.


While I really enjoyed the tripped out story in Bioshock – especially the tearing of rifts between dimensions, causing them to bleed into each other – I found the actual ”shooter” game-play kind of mediocre, coupled with the never-ending search for items in every single barrel, trash can – you name it. It’s good, but I haven’t finished it.

I’m sure you’ve heard of The Last of Us. I really enjoyed … Continue reading


NC.A is a new artist on the K-Pop scene. I caught her music video on youtube and, while the lyrics sound a little silly perhaps, I really like the song for some reason. It’s cute and NC.A has a really nice voice.

It’s not her in the video. It’s Hye-ri from Girl’s Day (which I also like, by the way).



It’s really nice how Loen Ent. subtitles all (or at least most of) the videos they publish on youtube. Both music videos and interviews and the like.


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