Bleach Heat the soul 5 for PSP, that I wrote about earlier, is now available for pre-order. It will be released May 15th. You can pre-order here.


I’ve been catching up on the Bleach anime lately. Last week I watched the Bleach movie Memories of Nobody. I know it’s been out for ages, but I had totally missed it. I liked the movie and I thought that Senna was a pretty cool character. When they had Senna in the opening for the series ages ago, I thought she’d appear sooner or later in the series. It turns out that it was just a commercial for the movie. Now I guess I’ll have to check out the next movie that they’re promoting in the intro to the episodes I’m watching now. Seems cool.

Bleach 5

On another, equally Bleach related, note: the fifth Bleach game for the PSP is coming out this year. … Continue reading


Rolling star is another favourite YUI song. When they used it for the opening theme for Bleach I used to sing along every time. This is only a TV rip because I don’t have this PV on DVD.

YUI ~ Rolling Star for PSPYUI ~ Rolling Star for PSP

20MB 3:09 H.264/AVC 480×272

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update: better version can be downloaded here.


I was just browsing around on youtube on a lunch break the other day when I came upon the music video for Ichirin no Hana by HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR. It’s been used in the Bleach anime. I recognized the song, but I had never bothered to look it up. It’s a very good song. I’m definitely looking into this band’s music now. I really enjoy finding new artists to listen to and it’s even more satisfying if I stumble upon them more or less by accident.



Here’s an MP3 of the Ichirin no hana as well as YUI’s Rolling Star, which is the current opening theme song for Bleach.

New character

If you follow the Bleach anime you probably already know these things. However, I’ve been catching up on my Bleach watching after lagging behind for a while. Finally the Bount story arc is over and the new intro of the anime looks very promising! First of all there’s a new exciting character. I haven’t gotten to the episode where she’s introduced yet, but she looks exciting. And then Rukia has her own shikai. It looks very cool. Hopefully both the new character and Rukia’s shikai “mode” will be in the new Bleach game for the PSP, but from what I’ve read I doubt it. I’m happy about where the story in the anime is going though.

I found the Bount arc pretty boring and I didn’t care much for the Bounts’ dolls. Especially Daruku. To me she was like one of those boring monsters in Inuyasha. I guess I’ll be up to date with the anime in a couple of days. Argh! Then I’ll have to wait a week between each episode again ;)

They changed the introduction sequence again in episode 112. Now they show more of the current story. I suppose the previous intro was sort of a teaser for what’s to come in this story arc.


I haven’t played the PSP all that much lately, but a couple of days ago I picked up Bleach Heat the Soul 3 again. I bought it when it was first released last summer and I liked it a lot, but I then got Tekken Dark Resurrection a couple of weeks later and kind of forgot about Bleach for a while. Now I find the game even better than I remembered. I’ve found some new tricks and unlocked new areas and characters.


My new favourite character is Soifon (Sui Feng, which I guess means “Wind” if it’s the same name as Takeshi Kaneshiro’s character in House of Flying Daggers used). I used to like Yoruichi the most, but now I mostly play Soifon. After completing the story mode on the hardest difficulty level (which isn’t all that hard) you unlock “Karakura Heroes Mach” which is a little side story where Don Kanonji recruits a bunch of characters as his Karakura Heroes. I don’t understand much Japanese, but the parts I understand are very funny. … Continue reading


There’s a lot of good stuff on TV at the moment. By “on TV” I don’t mean Swedish TV, but stuff that’s available for download :P . The new season of Gilmore Girls has begun. The same goes for Battlestar Galactica. I watched the first two seasons not so long ago. A lot of people had talked about it at work so I decided to give it a try. Another series I like is the Unit.

Then there’s the Ultimate Fighter TV series which has become better since they reached the semi-finals. Now it’s more like the previous seasons where you get to see more of the training. There are also a lot of UFC and Pride events at the moment. There’s been one almost every week.

A series I started watching last weekend is Heroes. It seems interesting from what I’ve seen so far.

I started watching Hex, but I haven’t gotten into it. The pilot was good, but then, meh. I’m also watching the anime Bleach.

So, there are plenty of shows to watch, or as one of my colleagues would put it, waste my life on. In his opinion my whole life is a waste of time. He didn’t direct it to me, but he told me some things that he thought were “wasting your life” and it was like 90% of what I do on my spare time. Everything that isn’t renovating your house or polishing your boat is wasting your life according to him.