Yesterday I was kind of in a funk and did nothing but watch TV series and movies all day. The last film I saw was A Werewolf Boy (늑대소년) starring Park Bo-young (Scandal Makers) and Song Joong-ki. I didn’t have any big expectations and only picked it since I like Park Bo-young, but it was surprisingly good.

The movie takes place in the 60’s and is about a family (a mother and her two daughters) that moves to the countryside because the eldest daughter (Sun-i, played by Bo-young) has problems with her lungs. At their new house they come across an orphan boy who can’t speak and behaves like a wild animal. They decide to let the boy stay with them for a while until they hear back from social services about finding a home for him. Sun-i gets tired of the boy’s wild behaviour and starts to train him according to a book on training dogs.

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