New K-Pop groups pop up all the time. This group is called Chocolat (쇼콜라) and just released their debut song Syndrome. I happened to watch the video on allkpop and it’s not bad. It’s pretty generic sounding, but it’s kind of catchy.

Chocolat ~ Syndrome

Chocolat ~ Syndrome

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Credit: source vid. k2nblog

They should just have cut out the ending of the video, because it’s so awkward that I feel embarrassed watching it :lol: . I cringe every time.

It’s kind of hard to form an opinion on this group since they mainly focus on the girl named Tia. When she has her hair up in a ponytail and wears the red skirt and colourful top, she kind of reminds me of Wonder Girls’ So-hee from their Tell Me days. Their faces don’t look alike, but the style is kinda similar. Tia is actually almost one year younger than So-hee was when Tell Me came out :shock: . I wouldn’t have thought so when I first watched the video. Suddenly I feel dirty for posting this.