T-ara is currently topping the Korean charts with Lovey-Dovey (Go T-ara!). Another track from their latest album is We were in love (우리 사랑했잖아), which is a collaboration between some members (So-yeon, Ji-yeon, Hwa-young & Hyo-min) from T-ara and Davichi.

Davichi & T-ara ~ We were in love

Davichi & T-ara ~ We were in love

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I really like this video (and the song too). It’s very simple and pretty much only consists of close-up shots, but it’s mostly of So-yeon, so I like it :) . Hwa-young doesn’t rap until the end of the song, but she does it like a boss :) . I really like her new look.

Eun-jung isn’t in this song though. Otherwise all my favs would’ve been in it. Speaking of Eun-jung, she recently fell and injured her knee pretty badly :( . So, she most likely won’t be coming to Paris with the others. It’s a shame, because I was looking forward to seeing her, but I hope her knee heals up well.